What are the advantages of portable stages?

The advantages of portable stages are that you can use any space as a performance area. With the ability to build your stage and take your stage down, it is easy to transform your space into a performance area in a few simple steps. Portable stages are ideal for those with small spaces used for many different purposes, who may need a more flexible staging solution.

What is a portable stage?

A portable stage is a stage which has the ability to be taken apart and stored away easily. Portable stages can be created bespoke to your business and can be as robust as you need them to be. These stages are designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre so you can transport them or move them whenever you need to. 

Portable stages give any establishment the ability to hold performances in any of their available spaces.

What are the advantages of portable stages?

The advantages of portable stages are in their flexibility. As they are light weight, but robust – they can be used for a number of different performance types and can be transported easily. Modular stages are very versatile, so are suitable for film crews, schools, theatres and more and can add professional looking and reliable staging to any space.

Portable stages can be single or multi-tiered, and by nature can be designed to exactly fit your desired space; so these stages allow performance venues to make a more creative use of their space.

Lightweight Portable Stages

Mainstage carry a range of lightweight portable stages, designed for regular but light use. These stages are popular with schools, community venues and similar establishments which need to use the stage regularly but not for full theatrical performances which would require a more heavy duty solution.

These lightweight stages are very easy to carry and move, and can be assembled and disassembled easily if the space is needed for another purpose. Venues can simply store the stage away when not needed and bring it back out ready for the next performance.

Mainstage Modular Stage Solutions

Our modular stage solutions will help you to transform any space into a performance area, and to easily store this away when it is not needed. Mainstage Lancaster can build you bespoke modular stage solutions to fit your needs and make the most of your space, and we have a background in staging to back up our expertise.

We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service and will work closely with you to create something which works for your venue, whether you want a multi-tiered stage or a more simple single tier – we are sure to have the staging solution for you.

We have six choices of stage, all with differing advantages and uses. Our team will work with you and use our expertise and experience to choose the right stage for your needs and will design the stage to make the most of any space, no matter how big or small. To find out more about our modular stages and see how we could transform your space into an amazing performance area, call our expert team on 01524 844099 or email [email protected]