Arena Outdoor – Folding Chair

At Mainstage, we provide a variety of seating options for musical, theatre, arena and community performances. With over 30 years in the staging and seating industry, we understand what it takes to create a practical environment. Our outdoor Arena chairs are one of the most cost effective forms of seating we provide. Whether you require seats for a park performance, school sports days, church fête’s or outdoor community events, our Arena chairs can meet your requirements.

Product Description

How are outdoor arena chairs manufactured?

The outdoor Arena chair’s minimalistic design means they are easy to handle and compact to store. They are manufactured from Polypropylene and galvanized steel – so they can withstand the rigours of British weather. They feature an integrated linking mechanism that joins each chair to another and are available in a standard charcoal finish.

What are the advantages of outdoor arena chairs?

Outdoor arena chairs have a number of benefits:


Our outdoor Arena chairs are manufactured from galvanised steel and Polypropylene, which means they are perfectly ideal for outside environments due to its weatherproof construction.


The minimalistic appearance of outdoor arena chairs makes them very cost-effective and compact to store. Mainstage offer various custom chair trolley solutions to fit both your space and budget. Outdoor Arena chairs can used in conjunction with our tiered seating banks, which provide the audience with improved lines of sight.


The linking mechanism is another practical aspect of our outdoor Arena chairs. Each seat can be safely linked together to minimise row lengths and create a secure configuration of seats held in alignment. This is perfectly ideal when arranging the audience from one configuration to another, as performance requirements often change. For example, from a ‘Traverse’ arrangement to a ‘Theatre in the Round’ arrangement, etc.

Chair experts

Since 1989, we’ve been constructing tiered seating and have become experts in our field. We are able to offer professional advice in relation to your staging or seating requirements and believe the relationship between the performer and their audience is crucial to any production.

For more information on outdoor arena chairs, be sure to reach out on 01524 844 099 or via the contact form.