Banquette Bench Seating

The Banquette is our answer to many clients who asked us to produce indoor bench-style seating.

Designed fully upholstered, with comfort assured.

We’ve supplied Banquette benches to theatres looking to create a more traditional atmosphere and to schools and universities wanting to outfit lecture halls. They’re appropriate for any indoor venue which wants to create a ‘cosy’ atmosphere for its audience. Banquettes may also be appropriate for some restaurants with booth seating.

We’re happy to discuss the best use for our Banquette range in your situation.

Banquette benches are sturdy but lightweight. They’re easy to store, move, and transport if needed. We know how important that can be for many of our clients.

Our Banquette range can be used on its own or mounted on one of our staging systems. Mainstage’s design philosophy is always to make systems we’d want to use.

To find out more and discuss how Banquette benches could help you, please contact us.