Professional – Stacking Chair

When it comes to public events, comfort is crucial. Here at Mainstage, we provide a range of seating options for art centres, sports halls, professional theatres, community performances and the like. Our Professional Stacking chairs are among the most comfortable upholstered chairs we manufacture – They are a practical, cost-effective choice for entertainment venues, which can really add to the overall atmosphere. Some of our significant customers include the Garrick Theatre, Lichfield Studios and Theatre By The Lake in Keswick.

Product Description

What makes our professional stacking chairs worth buying?

Our professional stacking chairs work hand in hand with our tiered seating range and can also be used in conjunction with our Professional Pedestal Chairs, which help create a natural tier on flat floors. This has the added advantage of accommodating an increased number of audience members within your venue and improves lines of sight.

Benefits of professional stacking chairs

Due to their robust, practical design, professional stacking chairs come with various advantages:

A range of upholstery options

Our range of stacking chairs are finished with a versatile weaved fabric that is available in a wide range of colours. The Mainline Plus range offers high-quality fabric with a sleek, yet stylish appearance, which complies with British fire retardancy standards. The extensive range of colours allows for matching with your current décor, school/team colours or similar.

Please follow the link to view the Mainline Plus swatches.

Minimise storage space

Professional Stacking chairs have been designed specifically to work in environments that have limited storage space. Their stackable nature helps users maximise the space available – with this in mind, customised trolleys can be provided to help transport your chairs to and from the performance area with a minimal amount of effort.


Due to their practical nature, professional stacking chairs are typically used for indoor events.

30 years of seating experience

For over 30 years, Mainstage has been manufacturing practical and comfortable seating solutions. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to draw from and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We believe the relationship between a performer and the audience is an important part of any production. With our knowledge, we’ll be able to meet your exact seating requirements. Whether you’re interested in Professional Stacking chairs or Professional Pedestal chairs, we can accommodate your needs.

For more information please call us on 01524 844 099 or email us at [email protected]