Aluminium Stage Accessories

Please find our range of aluminium stage accessories below:

Stage Platforms

Our stage platform tops are available in standard sizes of 2x1m, 1x1m, 8ftx4ft, 4ftx4ft, and anything in between.

Side view of Cameo modular stage unit

We can supply a range of colours and finishes to match your venue. Bespoke platform sizes and shapes are also available, such as those featuring triangles, rounded segments, truncated platforms, and custom cutouts.

Triangular stage platfroms are available

If required, we can add a Timbercheck fire retardant finish to the decks. This enables the system to meet ‘class 1’ fire retardancy standards. Acoustic foam can also be added on the underside of platforms to dampen the sound in your venue.

Alloy Legs 

The legs for our aluminium stage systems are made from a sturdy 48.3mm diameter alloy tube with integrated foot cap as standard.

If necessary, we can also supply adjustable alloy legs — e.g. to match the height of an existing stage setup. Additionally, H-frames and cross-braces for heights over 1000mm are available. These provide extra strength and rigidity, ensuring no lateral movement of your stage or tiered seating system.

Alumninium tube for stage legs

Step Units

Our step units provide improved access to taller stages. They easily and securely attach to our systems via the integrated bolt rail.

Besides these standard step units, we can also supply freestanding variants that can be used anywhere, such as to provide access to an existing permanent stage. All units are available in a selection of finishes and a choice of handrails. Custom units can be created upon request.

Deck Connectors/Leg Connectors

Deck and leg connectors are used to join modular stage platforms together securely and safely. We can supply deck connectors to connect stages at equal heights, and leg connectors that can be used to connect stages of varying heights. See the video below that shows in greater detail the benefits of these accessories.


Our stage grommets are essentially purpose-built holes designed for easy cable management. They allow you to pass through a microphone wire or other cable from beneath the stage platform. They come as a 90mm diameter hole as standard. Floor boxes are also available upon request.

Chairstops & Kickboards 

Chairstops and kickboards prevent loose chairs falling off the edge of the stage.

Create chairstops using seel box section

As well as being suitable on flat stages, they are also suitable for use on tiered seating arrangements whether they are in a continuous or overlap format.


Guardrails ensure safety and prevent injury by stopping people falling off the side of your stage or seating system.

Available in a variety of styles, we can provide both open rails and kickplate rails, including mesh rails and balustrade rails.

Besides standard guardrails, we can also provide guardrail to leg couplers for enhanced stage rigidity, enabling you to reach 3kN per square metre sideways loading.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are available at a 1:12 gradient and run parallel with any edge of your stage or seating platform. We can design a suitable ramp to meet your exact needs. For example, the ramp can run straight or run parallel along any side of your stage.

Ramps are available with and without  guardrails. As with all our stage solutions, we always follow building regulations where possible.

Hardwood Fascias & Ash Nosing

For stages that require a frontage or surrounding nosing to hide the stage legs, we can provide hardwood fascias and ash nosing in a variety of styles. These are useful in certain types of venues to help the stage blend effortlessly into the environment.


Our valances are perfect for when you want to cover one or more sides of your stage with an attractive material covering. We supply valances in a black wool serge that can be effortlessly attached to your stage by using velcro. The black wool serge material is inherently fire retardant (IFR), giving it a natural fire retardancy.


If you wish to create an instant ‘theatre environment’ in your performance area, we can supply a range of backdrops that hang down at the rear of your stage. These are made from various materials, such as wool serge, among others. In the case of the black wool serge option, the material is inherently fire retardant (IFR). We can also supply material draped wings attached on t-bars to enhance your performance.

Banquette Seating 

Bench-style banquette seats for Cameo tiered seating systems are also available and come in a choice of upholstery options. Banquette seating provides rows of fixed comfortable benches for your audience. This form of seating is an excellent alternative for when you wish to avoid the use of loose chairs.

Bespoke Storage

At Mainstage Ltd, we have the ability to offer all kinds of innovative storage options to match the requirements and restrictions of your performance area.

We can design and manufacture a tailored solution so you can store your stage away with ease, such as underneath an existing stage, in a compact space, or in an unconventional room layout.

Visit our Storage page to see the full range of options.

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