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Let’s face facts; the traditional theatre audience area is undergoing a change. More and more often, even fixed venues are bringing in reconfigurable stages – and over time, that’s come to mean that seating must be configurable too.

The New Face of Audience Seating

Gone are the days when fixed seating banks were the best way to go. Instead, many theatres now are looking for well-designed tiered audience systems which can be taken down, set up, and adjusted easily for new performances.

A company like Mainstage can tailor your tiers to the style of your venue, making sure that however you use them, visitors will see a unified, attractive area. For example, you can order a customised Ovation seating system, designed to best fit your venue’s dimensions and usual audience numbers.

This option is also available for:

Seats for Your Seating

But what kind of seating is best suited to your needs and budget?

If you’re not sure, you can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help. However, we believe that one of our selection of Venue folding seats will work well for you. As with other Mainstage products, these can be customised to suit you, including matching colours closely to venue décor or to branding.

We believe strongly in creating the kind of products we’d want to use when stage managing a venue – so put your trust in us. We want to deliver something that will make your guests content for years to come.