Debut Stage Accessories

Debut Safe-Grip Tops

Our Debut Safe-Grip Tops are lightweight yet robust and come in 750mm x 750mm module top sizes. They are manufactured from 18mm phenolic Hexa-grip boards that are weather and slip resistant. The tops provide a safe, secure surface for performers.

We can also supply duo tops with a safe-grip surface on one side and carpet on the other. The carpet is hard-wearing and durable (Heckmondwike Iron Duke design). Safe-Grip tops are available in dove grey or silhouette black.

Debut Base Frames

Debut base frames act as the ‘legs’ of the Debut system. The frames are made from attractive powder-coated mild steel for durability and strength. Debut base frames are available in 170mm, 340mm and 510mm heights, allowing you to customise your system to meet the needs of your venue and performers.

Frames can be stacked as standard. All frames include non-marking rubber feet.

Captive caps allow for the attachment of accessories, such as chairstops and guardrails.

We can also supply base frames in a dove grey or silhouette matt black finish.

Debut Step Units

Step units for the Debut system are available for 340mm and 510mm stage heights. They can be positioned anywhere around the perimeter of a Debut stage, either individually or as part of a wider system with multiple step units.

The step trends come in both safe-grip and carpeted options depending on your requirements. Each unit can be quickly and easily added to an existing stage platform within seconds.

Debut Single Spacers and Linkers

Our Debut stage systems need to have each component linked together to provide adequate stability and safety. We supply innovative linkers that can be used to join the modules together. Spaces and linkers fit effortlessly on each corver to level off the stage tops. These can also be used in tiered stage configurations.


For cable management, grommets can be created within Debut stage platforms. The video below demonstrates a grommet being used on a Cameo stage platform. You will notice that our grommets are visually appealing and also practical. A fully-sealed grommet can also be supplied to hide the cable hole when not in use.

Debut Chairstops

Chairstops are a must-have accessory if you want to use our Debut system for holding loose seating. Debut chairstops prevent chairs from slipping over the edge of your stage, potentially injuring attendees at your event.

Debut Chairstop Guardrails

Chairstop guardrails for Debut help to keep performers or audience members secure. They stop people falling off the stage and also come with an in-built chairstop as standard.

Guardrails can be attached to Debut systems within seconds by a single person. They can also be easily stored away when not in use.

Debut Valances and Valance Plates

We also supply valances and valence plates that allow you to create a frontage or full cover around the entire edge of your stage. Our valence material comes in black wool serge and connects using the Debut valence plate and a velcro attachment. It is easy to attach within seconds. See the video example below.

Storage Options – Please refer to storage options page.

Aside from our wide range of accessories for the Debut stage, we also provide a range of innovative storage options. These allow you to stack, move, and store your Debut stage system and accessories with ease. See our Storage page for more details.

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