Different types of portable staging

Over time Mainstage has developed an expanding range of portable staging system for different circumstances.

Stages for Regular but Light Use

The Debut staging system, popular among primary schools, community halls, and many venues which need a stage only for light, intermittent work, is a perfect fit for any venue needing a stage that can withstand regular but light use. With no component weighing over 7Kg, it’s easy to handle and carry, and storage and reassembly are a snap. It also works well as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture.

Stages for Heavy-Duty Use

We have two major offerings for venues expecting to need heavy-duty, robust staging, indoor or outdoor; the Premier and the Steeldeck. What marks these two lines out from our others is less that they’re long-lasting and durable (that can be said of everything we offer) but that they can bear great weight at any given time.

Which should you choose? The Premier is a hair better suited to theatrical performances, the Steeldeck is in demand by film crews among others as a solid platform. Both are versatile; if you aren’t sure, why not get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer advice tailored to your specific situation.

Flexible, Practical Stages for Any Occasion

We also offer the Cameo and its heavier-duty cousin, the Performa. These staging systems are designed to occupy the middle ground between the needs met by the Debut and those calling for the Premier and the Steeldeck.

These general-purpose stages are popular with many different kinds of venue.

Mainstage Staging Philosophy

We develop our stages and their accessories in response to questions our customers have and challenges they encounter. Everything we produce is highly customisable, from a range of colours and finishes to many more options.

Whatever else you need from your stage, let us know and we’ll give you an honest assessment.