Debut – Lightweight Modular Stages

Debut is the perfect choice if you need your stage to be lightweight, easy to handle, and compact to store. It is available in portable modules that fit together with ease, providing you with great flexibility for storage, handling, and transportation.

This system has been designed and manufactured with children in mind. We have taken all necessary safety precautions into account, including safe-grip tops for enhanced traction, lower step heights set at 170mm, safety rails, and a range of trolleys for varying capacities to ensure ease of use and manoeuvrability while prioritising safety.

Feature summary

  • Available in 750mm x 750mm standard module sizes
  • Super lightweight and easy to handle
  • 5kN per square metre weight loading capacity
  • Compact and convenient to store and transport 
  • Designed and manufactured by Mainstage in the UK

The practicality of this system makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including for schools, churches, hotel conference suites, community centres, and choirs. If space is tight and ease of installation is important, it is a budget-friendly and flexible solution.

Despite being lightweight and user-friendly, Debut is robust and durable. Even with regular use, it will last for many years. The stage is easy to manoeuvre and super fast to set up and dismantle, ideal for when you are short on time. The one-person setup is advantageous if you often struggle to find colleagues to assist you.

Compact modular design with great flexibility

As with all our stages, Debut is designed and manufactured in our UK factory from high-quality materials. The Debut stage system comes in modules of 750mm x 750mm x [3 height options]. You can choose between 170mm, 340mm, and 510mm heights. The modular design allows you to create a personalised stage to fit your budget and requirements. You can also expand the stage in future by simply ordering additional modules or by choosing from a range of accessories.

Perfect for schools, churches & community centres

Debut is recommended for primary schools, secondary schools, churches, drama groups, community centres, choirs, and even hotel conference suites. In schools, children can help set up the stage thanks to the lightweight form and modular design. It is easy to store away and transport down corridors on trolleys. Alternatively, a caretaker can easily move and install the platforms as required. 

For hotel conferences and drama groups that travel on the road, Debut’s versatility and storage options make it easy to load and transport in the back of a van. Choirs can also benefit from multiple tiered height options to enhance the usability and professionalism of their stage presentation.

Slip-resistant coating & innovative accessories

As standard, Debut tops come with a slip-resistant hexa grip coating to reduce the risk of injury and ensure your performances run as safely as possible. There is also a number of accessories to choose from, including step units, guard rails, valances, backdrops, and compact storage options. 

The reduced step heights work well if your stage is to accommodate children, or people with low mobility. Step heights come in 170mm increments and the treads are also slip-resistant. Another innovative Debut feature is the captive caps. These removable end-caps remain attached, allowing you to quickly fit guardrails, chairstops or any other compatible accessories to each module. You can also stack the modules on top of each other to create different configurations.

Carpeted options are available, as are valances that provide a higher class presentation for your stage. You can also order our silhouette finish, ideal for ‘black box’ performance environments where the stage needs to blend into its surroundings.

Stackable Debut Base Frames

Please see our Accessories/Bespoke page for more specific details.

Debut Stage Packs

Debut Packs come with all the required components to create a basic stage. Please note: these packs act as a guide and any size stage based on the 750mm x 750mm modules can be achieved.

Debut Single-Level Packs: 

  • Pack 1 at 3m x 2.25m x [170mm, 340mm, or 510mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 4.5m x 2.25m x [170mm, 340mm, or 510mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 5.25m x 3m x [170mm, 340mm, or 510mm Height]

Debut Multi-Level Packs allow you to achieve more flexible configurations, including tiered options that provide different height levels in a single stage.

Debut Multi-Level Packs: 

  • Pack 1 at 3m x 2.25m x [340mm, or 510mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 4.5m x 2.25m x [340mm, or 510mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 5.25m x 3m x [340mm, or 510mm Height]

Storage Options

Storage options including the Debut Storage Truck and Debut Guard rail Storage Truck. Please see our Storage & Transport page for more specific details.

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