Cameo – Medium Duty Portable Staging

Cameo – Medium Duty Portable Staging

Cameo is a true all-rounder and our most popular stage. It is the lightest stage in its class on the market today. It is extremely strong and versatile for all kinds of requirements, including single-level, multi-level, and tiered configurations.

Feature summary

  • Available in 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m standard platform sizes (custom sizes available)
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium construction
  • Weight loading capacity of 5kN per square metre
  • Unique Leg Lock feature for ultrafast setup and dismantle
  • Manufactured in the UK by Mainstage Ltd

The versatility of the Cameo system means you can fully customise the stage to fit your usable space and budget. It is perfect for secondary schools, universities, exhibitions, hotels, conferences, churches, and countless other venues.

It is this flexibility that makes the system a good choice for creating both flat and tiered stages. You can have a flat stage consisting of one single level or a tiered stage design, accommodating a seated audience with chairs on different levels.

One of the standout features of Cameo is the innovative ‘Leg Lock’ system — unique to the market. This feature lets you set up and dismantle each module in seconds, saving you valuable time so you can focus on organising your performance.

You simply insert the legs into each module and pull the locking levers. The stage legs are then fully secured in place. The easily-operated locking lever is made from glass-filled nylon and is stronger than steel so it will never break.

The system is compatible with a range of storage and transportation options. It is also a great choice if you need a stage that two people can easily carry, transport, store away, or move on a trolley with minimal hassle. A range of accessories are available to further enhance your Cameo stage system.

UK design and build provides great durability

Cameo is designed and manufactured in the UK in Mainstage’s purpose-built factory. The system comes in standard sizes of 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m modular platforms. You can choose any height, width or depth, create custom shapes with cut outs, or even rounded segments.

A 2m x 1m deck weighs only 33Kg, suitable for two people to carry. Each platform is 3 inches (76mm) thick, allowing you to securely stack the platforms on a trolley for easy storage. The thin profile is perfect for storage in areas with limited space.

With a 5kN per square metre weight loading capacity, Cameo can handle a surprising level of weight considering its size. The robust durability makes the system highly popular with a diverse range of users.

A versatile stage that can be easily transported

Secondary schools, colleges, universities, drama groups, theatres, orchestras, and exhibition centres are just some of the many users of the Cameo portable stage system. Drama groups benefit from fast installation time, convenient storage, and easy transportation. The stage only requires two people to carry and can be easily moved by trolley or transported in a van.

Cameo Being Used For A School Nativity Performance

Education establishments often choose the system for school productions, nativity plays, presentations, and award ceremonies, or even to extend an existing stage. Whereas, exhibition centres use Cameo to present products in an appealing, professional way, or use it as tiered seating areas for talks and workshops.

Cameo Can Be Re-Configured From A Flat Stage To A Tiered Seating Arrangement

TV production companies install Cameo to create tiered seating systems suitable for an audience. Choirs typically opt for tiered configurations to increase the usability and effectiveness of their stage. Orchestras often select custom cut-out designs to meet the exact shape and dimensions of their orchestra pits.

Cameo Drum Risers & Musician Platforms

Similarly, musical groups with drummers select Cameo for raised drum riser platforms, while musicians who travel benefit from easy storage and transportation.

Cameo can also be used to create wheelchair viewing platforms within theatres or auditoriums. These systems instantly increase the viewing angles for your audience, creating far greater engagement. These are just some examples of the benefits of choosing the Cameo portable stage system.

Add accessories to your stage with Cameo’s integrated bolt rail

Besides Cameo’s unique Leg Lock feature, the system includes an integrated bolt rail that allows you to easily and quickly add accessories to the stage, such as step units, guard rails, kick boards/chairstops, hardwood fascia boards, and more.

A range of other accessories are available that allow you to extend the functionality and appearance of your stage, including backdrops, valances, and bespoke carpeted options.

Cameo Stage Packs

From a simple stage to a large scale installation, Cameo stage packs are the ideal solution. Single-Level Packs give you all the necessary components to make a basic single-height stage.

Please be aware that these packs act as a guide and any configuration based on 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m modular platforms can be achieved.

Cameo Single-Level Packs:

  • Pack 1 at 5m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 8m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 10m x 4m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]

Cameo Multi-Level Packs provide you with further functionality to create tiers so you can have different heights on a single stage. These packs include additional legs at varying heights to achieve your desired multi-level system.

Cameo Multi-Level Packs:

  • Pack 1 at 5m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 8m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 10m x 4m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]

Innovative Storage & Transportation Options

Cameo and the associated accessories are easy to transport and store on a Deck Storage Trolley (8 way), a Storage Kit (12 way), or a Guard Rail Storage Trolley. See our innovative storage options for further details.

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