Portable Staging

Portable Staging

Portable staging

More and more organisations are looking for portable staging. Now, with our lightweight portable staging, any venue can hold performances without sacrificing their space. Portable platforms can simply be stored when they are not in use, freeing up the venue’s space for other uses too.

Portable staging is designed to be set up and taken down easily, making it a perfect solution to any venue wanting to open up their space to performers.

Portable Staging Designed for Your Needs

At Mainstage, we have stage backgrounds so our goal is to produce the kinds of stages and accessories we would want to use. That’s why we work with our customers to create bespoke portable stages. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and some venues have more complex needs, but we will help you make the most of the space you have.

We will work within your budget to get you the most for your money and ensure that every portable stage is of high quality. Safety and flexibility, are our top priorities when creating your portable stage.

Find the best portable stage for your needs

Our spaces are manufactured so that you can use them as a single level, or tiered stage. We can also produce custom pieces to specific dimensions if you need them. Portable staging can also be customised to enhance your branding, with many colours and styles available.

We have a range of portable staging systems, from lightweight portable staging to heavy-duty platforms depending on which suits your needs best.

Book a portable staging demo

If you aren’t sure which you need, you can book a free demo to get our expert advice and see each of our different options in your venue to help you decide.

With a demo, you’ll see first-hand how simple it is to set up and store our staging and be able to ask any questions you might have. You can try out any equipment on stage (amplifiers etc) so you can see if you’ll need any customisations.

A demo is a great way to see for yourself how a portable stage could work for your venue.