Military Staging & Seating

Almost any military installation will need staging and audience-style seating solutions. Typically, these will need to be portable and easily stored as space is at a premium in these facilities, but they also need to be durable and hard-wearing.

That’s where the work we do here at Mainstage comes in.

Simple to Set Up and Take Down

One of the cornerstones of design in Mainstage is quick and easy transitions between storage and use. Our Debut and Cameo lines of staging are particularly good for this, but even the recent addition to our brand, Steeldeck – which can also bear substantially more weight than the others – is very flexible, designed for transport between venues and, therefore, for easy, compact storage.

The tiered nature of most standing and seating solutions always makes storage less compact, but our Bleacher system can be fitted with wheels to allow for easier movement, and our Venue seating range even offers chair storage trolleys.

Lastly, our Spectator standing terrace packs are portable and perfect for short term as well as long term use.

Staying Safe

Of course, it’s not just important for your staging to look good and be easily transported; it’s also vital that it be safe to use for the purpose you ordered it. Mainstage products are all designed with safety in mind, incorporating weatherproofing in case of outdoor use, non-stick precautions, and of course, the safety that comes from being sturdy and robust enough to carry heavy load without risk.

While the Steeldeck system is the most durable of them all, even the comparatively lightweight Cameo and Debut ranges are sturdy enough for most use patterns, and we continue to develop and incorporate more safety features as we go.

If you want to discuss staging, seating, or standing systems for your base of operations, you can contact us online, email us at [email protected], or call us on 01524 841808. We’re always happy to walk interested parties through everything they need to know.