Portable Stage Transport Options

Please find our portable stage transport options below:

Debut storage truck

The Debut stage system can include an optional storage truck that, as a standard feature, can stack up to 10 modules. However, we can also provide custom trolleys capable of stacking up to 20 modules depending on available access and your activity level. The truck is available in a light grey or a silhouette black finish and is manufactured from a powder-coated mild steel.

Castors on the underside enable you to roll stacked modules with ease through double doorways and store away in compact areas.

Debut guardrail storage truck

Our Debut Guardrail Storage Truck gives you the option to store guardrails neatly away when not in use. The truck has great manoeuvrability with in-built castors. The profile of the system maximises the use of space, enough to easily fit through most single doorways. Castors on the bottom of the system let you wheel the truck down corridors or lock the wheels in place via the strong wheel brakes.

Debut guard rails to keep performers secure
Guardrails on truck

Portable Stage Transport Options – Skid trolley

Another option for moving stage modules is our Skid Trolley. Purposely designed to function with our Cameo, Performa, and Ovation stage systems, these are ideal for navigating tight corners.

They are also helpful if you need to manoeuvre platforms from one location to another, such as down corridors or down the aisles in churches. Skid trolleys are robust and enable the easy movement of stage tops across flat surfaces.

Deck storage trolley

Mainstage Ltd’s Deck Storage Trolley is designed to fit through a domestic single doorway, which is approximately 750mm wide. This storage trolley has a powder coated finish for durability and can hold Cameo, Performa, and Ovation stage modules safely and securely. The integrated castors work best on flat flooring, although heavy duty castors can be added for wheeling on uneven surfaces.

Storage kit

The Storage Kit is a fully integrated storage solution that allows you to pack stage tops and accessories in one convenient, self-contained trolley. It comprises 2 x 150mm castors (no brakes) and 2 x 150mm castors with brakes, plus a pair of heavy duty ratchet straps.

The kit is designed to fit through double doorways and works best on flat flooring. See the video below to see the unpacking of a Storage Kit:

We can add heavy duty castors if required so you can wheel the kit across school yards and tarmacked areas.

Custom under stage storage solutions

Custom storage solutions can be manufactured to fit under your existing stage or one of our aluminium stages. These personalised storage solutions are convenient if you have limited storage capacity and want to maximise the usable space in your venue. We can work with your existing physical environment to develop an innovative solution, or design a custom trolley or stacker to meet your needs.

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