UK Manufactured Tiered Seating

UK Manufactured Tiered Seating

Tiered seating by Mainstage

Tiered seating is not only a practical seating choice, but it’s also an option that can bring a great atmosphere to an event or performance. By opting for tiered seating, this allows you to easily construct incrementally raised platforms to accommodate more chairs than the floor alone, while drastically improving lines of sight. An audience tiering system mimics the form of an arena, creating a mood and ambience of fun and excitement. It’s ideal if your tiered seating is to accommodate a theatrical performance or sporting live event.

Custom sizing available

No matter what size of event you are organising, or how many people will be attending, Mainstage can accommodate your needs. We stock a variety of accessories that can be used to create a range of specific layouts or configurations. The technological advancements in our factory allow us to create portable tiered seating systems to heights of up to 2m, so we can easily create adaptations to specifically meet your individual requirements.

Tiered seating options

We also provide a range of chair or bench seating options. Some of which include:

30 years of tiered seating expertise

Mainstage has been designing and constructing tiered seating banks since 1989. We have acquired a huge fund of relevant knowledge that we are happy to share with you – providing answers to questions you may not realise you should be asking.

The relationship of the performer to their audience is key to any production. Raising the audience instead of the performers is an alternative approach to staging shows that may be more interesting. Allowing the audience to see the stage floor opens up opportunities for creative details. For example, set designers and lighting directors can make more use of textures through lighting options and paints.

Alternative stage configurations such as ‘In the Round’, ‘Traverse’, ‘Thrust’, and ‘Promenade’ provide further opportunities.

Benefits of tiered seating

Thanks to its practical nature, using tiered seating for an event has many benefits. Such as:

Keeping your seating banks legal can be a minefield.  Building regulations vary between Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. We can guide you in what is permissible for step heights, sight lines, types of barriers and guard rails, seat-way (clear way) distances, and the number of seat spaces in a row

Tiered Seating Handling and Storage

Retractable seating banks are both expensive and limiting. They have difficulty coping with spaces with relatively low ceilings, difficult floors and odd shapes. Where they really let down a creative production organisation, is their lack of flexibility and the virtual impossibility of reconfiguring them into a shape more suitable for any performance, presentation or event.

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As experts in both theatre and computer-aided design, we have the experience to meet your exact seating requirements. For over 30 years we have been providing our clients with dependable, innovative seating. For tiered seating that you can rely on, contact us now.