Our Venue seating line benefits from over 25 years’ experience in the business. We believe strongly our customers should be able to accommodate a wide spectrum of patrons.

At the heart of this solution is the Venue line of portable chairs. They can be supplied for use free standing, folding, or loose linked. All options are designed to be equally stylish and robust.

We’ve also developed a range of storage options to help you make the most of your space.

A common arrangement for many of our customers is to have some fixed chairs and extra portable chairs which can be used when needed. We’ll manufacture both sets to the same colour and finish. This gives you complete continuity of design.

We’ve also adapted many of our stage platforms to create tiered structures for audience seating. To decide which platform is best for you, you can browse our staging range or contact us. These systems can be fitted with side rails, intermediate steps, and even kick boards. It gives you all the benefits of a permanent installation in a flexible system.

Chair Storage

We manufacture our own storage trolleys and can always ensure that your storage system will incorporate your requirements, making sure it’s optimal. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Portable Venue Seating

The various folding chairs we have available work well with our seating systems or on their own. Available in multiple comfort levels, costs, and colours – we customise to your specs.