Stage solutions for social distancing events and performances

Stage solutions for social distancing events and performances

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how events and performances work. Although public performances can now go ahead, events coordinators must follow strict social distancing guidelines to ensure that audience members, staff and performers remain safe. Mainstage has the perfect solution that enables live events and outdoor performances to carry on as normal. Our range of modular stages (or audience platforms) can be tailored to your social distancing events, reassuring audiences that safety is your number one priority.

Portable staging for social distancing events

We offer staging that is lightweight and portable. This means that it can be set up and taken down quickly and easily, allowing you to open up your space for performances, both indoors and outdoors. When not in use, our staging can be easily stored away, meaning you have no unnecessary clutter.

Our staging comes in a range of styles and designs. Our Debut Staging System is popular among venues such as community halls who need it only for light use. Thanks to the unique leg lock system, this staging can be set up without an engineer, making it perfect for any small venue. For venues that need heavy-duty staging, we offer stages for both indoor and outdoor use. These durable stages can bear heavier weights and are incredibly durable.

Safe and secure audience platforms for social distancing events

The following of social distancing rules is vital when performances are happening. That’s why at Mainstage, we offer a range of tiered and terrace seating solutions. Our modular seating is easy to install and take down, making it perfect for your next event or performance. Our staging and seating solutions are customisable to space out audience members appropriately.

A bespoke service

At Mainstage, all our solutions are offered on a bespoke basis. We work with our clients to help them make the most out of their space, tailoring our services and offering customisable accessories.

If you want to ensure that your social distancing events run smoothly, get in touch with Mainstage today. We have something for every event or performance and our bespoke service ensures that you get the best staging for your space.

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