Sports / Outdoor Seating

Mainstage Ltd’s sports and outdoor seating systems are designed for creating tiered viewing areas for spectators. Each system has a modular configuration and lightweight form, providing easy setup and convenient storage in compact areas.

Our Track & Field, Arena, and MUGA systems are popular with all kinds of outdoor venues, including equestrian centres, outdoor running tracks, football pitches, outdoor theatres, military parade areas, and many more besides. Spectators benefit from comfortable, secure seating and improved viewing angles, enabling them to see all the action without hindrance. All our bleachers can accommodate up to 5 tiers and are customisable on request.

The bleachers are cost-effective and durable enough to last for many years into the future, even with demanding, regular use. The anti-corrosion materials used in our bleachers means they have no trouble withstanding harsh outdoor elements. Each system is durable yet lightweight enough for transporting with the help of skid trolleys, fork lifts, and front loaders. With a modular design, the bleachers can be stored away conveniently, even in compact spaces with minimal personnel.

Track & Field Bleacher — Semi Permanent

Track & Field is a lightweight, highly versatile modular bleacher system perfect for seating spectators at all kinds of outdoor events. It has a lightweight yet strong modular aluminium frame that fits together with ease. The frame has corrosion resistant properties and is built to withstand regular, demanding use. It is hard-wearing and suitable for busy venues such as running tracks, football training areas, equestrian centres, and outdoor theatres.

The system is a good choice if you need outdoor seating but are operating on a limited budget and need a high-quality, cost-effective option. Track & Field is available in different module lengths and accommodates up to 5 tiers. Since it has a modular design and a lightweight form, the system is easy to move with the help of skid trolleys and front loaders. This makes it convenient to store the bleacher away in compact spaces when not in use.

Arena Bleacher — Semi Permanent/Permanent

Arena is a bleacher designed primarily for outdoor use, but it can also be used in many indoor environments. It has a durable aluminium frame and ergonomically designed plastic seats that provide great comfort over extended periods of time. The system is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. It can withstand rain, snow, and all types of challenging weather conditions. The durability and robustness of the system ensures Arena will last for many years.

With its versatility and durability, the system works well as a semi permanent seating solution for seating spectators at sports events, equestrian centres, at parade grounds, or even in schools, universities, and colleges. The individual plastic seats can be customised in a range of colours to match your sports team, school or organisation’s branding. The modular design makes it easy to personalise the system to meet the demands of your usable area.

As a system made from lightweight aluminium, Arena can be maneuvered using skid trolleys and fork lift trucks. It is easy to store away thanks to the modular construction. 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier options are available to suit your requirements.

MUGA Bleacher — Permanent

MUGA is an all-aluminium outdoor bleacher system designed for permanent installations. It is a high-quality, versatile option that provides a mixture of strength and durability together with lightweight materials.

The bleacher has a modular design that fits together easily on-site. There is a durable, all-aluminium frame that provides great strength while being resistant to corrosion from the outdoor elements. The system has ‘waterfall’ style seating rows, comfortable enough for spectators to sit for long periods of time. Examples of uses include seating at the side of football pitches, at equestrian centres, athletics tracks, and in many more environments.

You can select from up to 5 tiers in height and from two different lengths, allowing you to create a personalised solution to fit your exact requirements. Customisations are possible, such as step units, guardrails, arm-rests, and more. Although designed as a permanent seating fixture, with its modular construction, MUGA can be moved and stored away with the assistance of skid trolleys, forklift trucks, and front loaders. The modular design is helpful in compact spaces.

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