Stages for churches

Improve Your Church Stage

We have a long history working with churches, religious establishments and places of worship. Many of our product developments have been aimed directly at this particular market sector. Often working in long established buildings like churches and cathedrals can pose problems, such as how to navigate round posts, pillars and columns or what’s the best way to deal with a wall that’s not quite straight. Here at Mainstage we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, adjust and integrate our stages to the particular size or shape of the space, not the other way round. We understand that the finish is an important element and as such we are happy to use specially specified colours or even customers own carpet to make sure everything matches.

Lightweight Staging Options

If you look at our Debut range and you’ll see we have designed packs specifically for use as choir or choral risers. With the flexibility you’d expect from Mainstage these packs can be adapted to suit many different layouts. With the heaviest piece of Debut weighing in at only 7kg it means almost anyone can set up and break down the stage with relative ease.

Safety for your Church Stage

Our Cameo range is probably the most commonly used stage in churches, be these for altars or the main congregation area. Our cleverly designed altar rails can be quickly slotted down and locked in place taking just seconds, thus providing your st age with a suitable front barrier. When you’re done, it’s just as fast to unlock the system by simply pulling the rail back out.

Heavy Duty Staging Options

If you are considering something that can hold not only a choir but also a full band, Premier is the perfect choice. Our professional offering is tested to take loads up to 7.5 KN/M². With a plethora of options including bespoke carpet, valances and access stairs Premier is best suited to either full time or semi-permanent use.

We’re pretty sure we’ll have something that suits your needs within the above if not we’ll try our best to design something that does.

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