Information for architects

Planning a building always requires a little flexibility, but too much flexibility can mean not building to the design you want, and instead building to the design you need. Mainstage like to help you out by creating stage solutions that fit in any space, so that you have less needs and can do what you want more often.

Plan Ahead for Any Performance Space

Whether you’re designing a theatre or school performance hall, before you can finalise designs you need to make sure that you’ll be able to fit an appropriate stage into the space you’ve left for it, and that you can do so easily and affordable. Mainstage provide both permanent and temporary stages that are ideal for performance spaces and we can provide quotes, design specifications and even customisable stage solutions that fit into your pre-existing design.

Our design team have a lot of experience creating stages that fit into non-standard spaces, whether that means making them slightly bigger, smaller or a different shape altogether. We also supply a number of pre-existing stage solutions that can quickly and easily be quoted to you for both price and dimension, enabling you to be sure that they will fit into your design, and pass this information onto your own client.

Plan for Storage Space

If you’re creating a space that needs a temporary stage rather than a permanent one, you’ll also need to plan storage space for when the stage isn’t in use. How much space a stage takes up when it’s not in use will be an important factor in deciding how much space to allot for storage, so having a calculation ahead of time is absolutely necessary.

Mainstage stages are designed to be easy to pack away and take up as little storage space as possible, so we have a pretty good idea of how much space any given stage and accompaniments will need to be stored properly. Even better, because our stages pack down so small, the amount of space you’ll need to plan for will be minimal, so you won’t have to waste too much space on storage for a large and unwieldy stage. Ours can pack down to the footprint of a single deck.

Create Stages to Match Your Building Plans

You have two options as an architect: create plans to match the supplies at hand, or find supplies that match the plans you make. While Mainstage are always happy to provide quotes and dimensions of our various products to help you create your plans, we’re also happy to create stages that match the plans you have already made. Sometimes this means finding out if a certain space is a possibility, and sometimes it means finding a solution to a space that already exists.

We don’t want you to have to compromise on your plans due to something as minor as a few inches of space or a few degrees of curvature, or even because of the decor that needs to be provided. We can create stages to fit almost any space, shape, size or decor so you don’t have to change your plans. We’ll make the stage that matches the plans you make.

For a quote, or to discuss what your plans are, call us now on 01524 844 099 or send an email to [email protected].