Portable courtrooms for tribunals & inquiries

Originally developed for the Immigration department during a rush period where more hearings were needed than they had the capacity to handle smoothly, our demountable courtroom design has since received widespread interest from departments who need flexibility in where they can hold hearings.

Hearing Location

In many cases, especially in remote communities or where location is especially important, it’s impossible to maintain a purpose-designed courtroom for constant use; it may be that the premises are not large enough to set a major room aside for one permanent purposes or that logistical issues demand easy relocation.

For hearings, tribunals and inquiries like this, the Mainstage demountable courtroom is perfect – all it needs is a room large enough for officials, required attendees and observers.

High Construction Standards

The steel barrier between the public and the chairperson provides security while the hardwood veneers we incorporated into the design add to the status of the portable courtroom as well as providing an ‘established’ look to the setup.

Everything packs away neatly onto trolleys designed for easy movement through standard doors – making transport and storage simple in any location.

A raised floor is also provided, enabling cables and air conditioning to be fed through easily.

The Mainstage watchword is always high-quality manufacture to designs fitting the gravitas of the circumstances, and that’s as evident here as in our other products.

If you need a demountable courtroom, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.