Stages for community centres & halls

Mainstage are a top provider of stages and seating solutions for community centres throughout the UK. Our unique design methods are ideal for the easy to use stages that most community centres are in dire need of, which is why our products have become so popular. Suitable for both heavy or infrequent use, our stages are ideal for your community centre for a number of reasons.

Easy to Set Up

If you’re like most community centres, you won’t be able to keep a stage set up all the time. You might not even be able to store the stage on the grounds at all. The ease of set up is one of our main advantages, allowing you to create temporary staging just for an evening without requiring excessive set up.

Our Debut range in particular is especially lightweight. At only 7kg per platform even small children can easily maneuver the stage into place, and with everyone’s help you’ll get a stage set up in no time. Debut is an excellent choice for your community centre if you cater mostly for primary school aged children.

Cameo is another great lightweight stage system. Though it is a little heavier than Debut on a platform by platform basis, it is still designed to be set up and taken down on a regular basis, and older children and adults should have no problems putting everything in place.

As well as lightness of weight and easy maneuverability, all of our stages have accessories, such as leg connectors and guard rails, that make them incredibly sturdy and safe for use once they’re set up. Each platform takes only seconds to set up, and the final result is a professional looking, safe and sturdy stage for your performers.

Easy to Store

Of course, when you can’t keep a stage set up all the time, you also need to make sure it’s easy to store. If your storage space isn’t on site, you need it to be easy to transport as well. Mainstage ensure that our stages are both easy to store and easy to transport, partly because of the lightweight designs, but also thanks to the shape and style of the stages, and our specialised storage systems.

Each stage system is designed in such a way that it is easy to take apart, and when you do so, you will find that it is incredibly easy to flat pack the stages and save significant space. The Debut range has sets of legs that can be stored in a tower, while all other stages can have the legs entirely removed and stored flat underneath the platforms.

In order to make transportation easier, Mainstage have developed a number of different trolleys and specialist storage solutions that not only keep your stages tidy and safe in storage, but also make them easy to wheel to and from storage.

Easy to Customise

Although you almost certainly have many of the same problems as other community centres, we recognise that not every centre is exactly the same. Whether it’s the size, shape or even colour of your stage, it’s important to have one that fits your community centre perfectly.

Mainstage make customisation easy. Your stage is made to order, so if you have a specific need for a different shape, for example because your hall has angled corners, you can talk with our design team and we’ll create a bespoke, customised solution especially for you.

Easy to Order

Browse our site to find your perfect stage, or get in touch with us directly. Call on 01524 844 099, email [email protected] or use our contact form and we’ll help you order the perfect stage for your community centre.