Stages for film & TV

Mainstage help you to film your production anywhere, any time, without hassle or interference. Our lightweight, portable stages are quick and easy to set up, durable, weatherproof and low profile, so wherever and whenever you want to film is simply not an issue. We can even create a stage that matches your needs, so if you have a specific ground effect in mind, or a difficult space to fill, get in touch and our design team will create your perfect stage.

Low Profile

What you don’t need when you’re filming is a stage that gives away the artificiality of your set and breaks the fourth wall. You need a stage that can do its job without getting in the way of filming. When Mainstage create stages for film and television we create stages with a low profile by using a number of different techniques.

Firstly, our stages are easily customisable, meaning you can alter the shape and size at any time without much effort. If you need to get a different angle on your shot and you’re finding that a corner of the stage is cutting in, it’s easy to take that part of the stage off without disruption.

Secondly, our stages can be personalised to your needs, so if you have a specific colour or ground effect, such as grass or carpet, that you need to cover the stage with, we can easily match it. This makes sure that the stage is well camouflaged and won’t look out of place if it does have to creep into shot.

Portable and Easy to Set Up

Filming often takes place in multiple locations, and our stages are designed to accommodate that. A stage that takes a long time to set up and take down adds unnecessary time to the length of production, and heavier stages take more effort and manpower to set up as well. If you have to film in a multitude of locations, this problem only becomes worse and worse.

We have a number of different stages, some of which are lighter than others, but all of which are as lightweight as they can possibly be, making them incredibly efficient for their capacity. Even if you need to opt for one of our heavier stages, it will still be a lighter alternative to many others, and the ease of setup adds even more advantage to choosing Mainstage.


Portability isn’t all you want from your stage of course. You also need something that’s safe, secure, and preferably long lasting. Despite their lightweight nature, Mainstage don’t skimp on the production of our stage decks, and they’re as sturdy as they come. The layout of the stages and the way they’re designed to fit together add sturdiness and stability to the design, making them a safe option even for larger casts and props, and they’ll last a long time, so you’ll get plenty of use out of them. We don’t expect our stages to be a one use item, we expect you to use them again and again in a number of productions, and we want you to get as much value from them as you can. That’s why we emphasise durability as well as portability in our design.

Manufactured for Your Needs

Although we try to manufacture stages for every purpose, not everything we have on offer is perfect for everyone. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch with our design team to discuss your needs, so we can create a bespoke solution that’s ideal for your needs. Whether it’s an odd shape, colour or material, we can find a stage solution that works for you.