Stages for schools

These modular and portable staging systems will benefit any school, whether used for daily assemblies, yearly school plays or anything in-between. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the Debut and Cameo ranges both adaptable and easy-to-use. If you need further advice get in touch and we’ll help you design the perfect bespoke stage system.

Debut – Lightweight and Easy to Move

Our lightest design, Debut stages are quick to be set up and taken down. With each piece weighing no more than 7kg, even the children can help move it into place.

Debut’s storage system makes it perfect for schools where space is at a premium. The components take no time at all to put away, collapsing from a roomy performance area to a compact column about the size of a single piece. Its modular construction and customisability, as well as the option for reduced height stepping, make Debut an ideal staging solution.

Cameo – Adaptable and Sturdy

With its unique leg lock system, Cameo stages flatten down easily for storage whilst remaining sturdy and supportive during use. As well as a fantastic range of Cameo accessories, our in-house design team can help shape the product to match your staging area. You can even pick a colour that matches your school’s décor or uniform.

With limitless customisability, Cameo is a great product for any school wanting a dependable stage without the necessity for a permanent, custom-built feature.

Special Needs Adaptations

Designed around special needs children, we’ve revamped Cameo stages to incorporate a sturdy ramp that provides an upstage entrance for wheelchairs. DDA compliant, this accessible option comes with 150mm high treads, as well as handrails and guardrails to prevent against mishaps. The stage also comes varnished to provide optimum traction for wheelchairs.

Seating Banks

Utilising our own professional stacking linking chairs, our seating banks are closed off at the back to prevent rubbish being pushed through and hold the legs of the deck behind in place. The side guard rails link the decks above and below, providing greater stability. The taller units to the rear are secured using frames and braces, with intermediate steps linking the various levels.


Free standing backdrops now add another dimension to our complete range of stages. These backdrops are available in a wide range of fabrics.

To discuss stage solutions for your school, call us now on 01524 844 099, or email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.