Stages for theatres

Although Mainstage stages are primarily made to be portable and often part-time, they offer a lot of functionality that existing theatres can get a lot of use from. The ease with which they can be added to pre-existing stages and spaces, and the customisability of a Mainstage stage solution, makes them an ideal addition to any theatre space.

Lightweight But Sturdy Theatre Stages

Setting up a temporary stage can be a lot of hard work and hassle, but Mainstage help cut that down by designing stages that are lightweight and easy to set up. Even Mainstage’s heaviest stages can easily be handled by just two or three people, and set up in a few minutes. Our stages can easily be stacked to create tiered solutions that require very little set up but hold plenty of weight.

Although they are relatively lightweight, our stages are also designed to be sturdy and durable. The size of decks and placement of legs that makes them easy to set up also makes them a safe and sturdy solution. Larger decks are reinforced to provide extra support.

Made to Match Your Decor

When putting on professional performances, it’s important that your stage fits in with its surroundings and doesn’t take attention away from the play itself. This means you’ll want a stage solution that looks perfectly at home in your theatre, whether that means matching the surface of the stage itself or the decor of the space it occupies. Either way, Mainstage have a range of pre-existing stage solutions that are designed to fit well in most theatres, but we can always customise them to match your specific theatre if your needs vary.

Carpeting the surface of your stage isn’t a problem, and we can even decorate the legs and safety features appropriately so that they don’t stand out. With enough direction, we can create a stage that naturally blends in with pre-existing stages or theatre spaces and not look out of place at all.

Perfect Extension for Your Theatre Stage

Unless you’re starting a theatre from scratch, or renovating, you probably already have a stage installed. Our stages are a perfect addition to pre-existing stages, allowing you to extend them horizontally if you find yourself short of floor space, or vertically if you need to set up extra rigging or tiered staging solutions. Sitting comfortably on top of pre-existing stages, and on top of each other when necessary, our stages are the perfect way to add heightened terrain to a scene, and for safety concerns we have plenty of options such as guard rails for stages and stairs alike.

Our stages are also ideal for creating tiered seating in theatres that don’t have tiered seating already installed. In much the same way that you can use them as tiered platforms on your stage, you can create tiered platforms to host seats, and we can include a number of additional features such as chair stops and wheelchair ramps that make these an ideal seating solution.

Mainstage have worked alongside theatre professionals for many years, and know exactly what you need. Make an enquiry by calling us now on 01524 844 099 or emailing [email protected].