Stages for hotels & conferences

Stages for Hotels, Conferences and Speakers

Make sure your speakers are well represented by giving them a stage to speak from at conferences. With space being at a premium in many hotels, being able to use a stage that can be taken down at the end of the conference becomes even more useful, and that’s exactly what you get from Mainstage. Mainstage’s Debut and Cameo range of temporary and portable stages are ideal for hotel based conferences.

Easy to Set Up

Debut and Cameo stages are lightweight, which is easy for almost anyone to move each module into position by themselves or with two people. Even with a small team you can have your stage set up in no time at all, and when it’s time to take down it’s just as quick and easy to do so, so you’re not wasting time. The platforms are available in various shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to combine them to create numerous configurations.

Low Profile & Customisable

Mainstage understand the importance of a stage that doesn’t overshadow the room it’s in, which is why we can make our stages more low profile, with adjustments such as skirts, valances and backdrops as well as customisability to match the decor of its surroundings. A stage that is fully customised to the look of your hotel or conference room can in fact go almost completely unnoticed, other than the fact that it is a raised platform, and look like a natural part of the venue when set up.

The whole range of stages we offer is incredibly customisable, and you can match not only the colour to the one you desire, but you could also have a carpeted or wood lacquered finish to match your own flooring. Any bespoke requirements you have for your Debut stage can be discussed with our design team, who are able to make almost any adjustment you need.

Safety Features

Looking impressive is only half the importance of a good stage, and being safe is the other important part. Mainstage’s portable stage range is designed to be sturdy and safe, with weight loading capacities of 5kn or over. As the leading innovator within the staging industry, we are constantly developing numerous safety improvements and components to ensure you are receiving a top quality world class product.

Interested in a portable and temporary stage solution for your hotel to use during conferences? Get in touch with us now by calling 01524 841808 or sending your enquiry to [email protected].