Steeldeck – Heavy Duty

The original Steeldeck is an ultra heavy-duty modular stage system, designed to meet the most demanding of challenges. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Steeldeck is typically seen at large festivals and music concerts where reliability and robustness are key to the successful running of performances.

Feature summary

  • Available in 8ft x 4ft and 4ftx 4ft standard size modules (custom sizes available)
  • 7.5kN per square metre weight loading capacity
  • Custom cutouts and shapes to meet your needs
  • Includes acoustic foam to enhance sound quality
  • Mainstage Ltd are registered suppliers of the original Steeldeck

Steeldeck is suitable for a wide variety of environments, including theatresfestivals, music events, fashion shows, and even for film and TV sets. The high weight loading capacity and robust construction means you can concentrate on your performance, safe in the knowledge the stage will never let you down.

The system is equally as versatile as it is strong. Single-level, tiered, and custom shape configurations are achievable. It is even possible to use Steeldeck to construct custom tiered seating designs. You can also add a range of accessories, including step units, wheelchair access ramps, guard rails, and valances.

High durability & weight loading capacity

The major selling point of Steeldeck is its superb durability. Each modular platform has a 7.5kN per square metre weight loading capacity, enough to hold 2 tonnes.

Modules are available in 8ft x 4ft and 4ft 4ft standard sizes, giving you the freedom and flexibility to develop your construction the way you want. It is also possible to select custom sized platforms if necessary.

You can customise modules with cutouts, rounded segments, or even triangular platforms to achieve the perfect configuration. Each platform features Russian birch plywood with a high strength to weight ratio. There is black closed-cell foam with fireproofing to Class 0 on the underside of each platform.

The steel construction comes with an iron phosphate pretreatment that inhibits corrosion. Every module is powder-coated to increase the appearance, strength, and durability of the steel.

A popular choice for festivals & music events

Being such a durable staging system, Steeldeck is the de facto choice for large events like festivals and music concerts.

Theatres use Steeldeck to achieve the perfect set configuration, while festivals can customise staging to improve accessibility or to include space for sound equipment.

Many other uses are possible, only limited by your imagination.

Customise Steeldeck with a range of accessories

Steeldeck is compatible with a wide range of accessories to transform a basic stage into a fully personalised solution to meet your needs.

Step units, wheelchair access ramps, guard rails, valances, and more can be quickly added to enhance the safety and usability of your configuration.

A range of finishes are also available, enabling you to fully personalise your staging set.

Steeldeck Stage Packs

Steeldeck Single-Level Packs are suitable for creating a basic, flat stage. They give you everything you need to create a small or larger installation.

Please note: all these packs act as a general guide. You can create any size configuration based on 8ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft standard module sizes.

Steeldeck Single-Level Packs:

  • Pack 1 at 20ft x 12ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 32ft x 12ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 40ft x 16ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]

Steeldeck Multi-Level Packs allow you to create a tiered stage. They come with all the necessary components and accessories to achieve this.

Steeldeck Multi-Level Packs:

  • Pack 1 at 20ft x 12ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 2 at 32ft x 12ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]
  • Pack 3 at 40ft x 16ft x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]

Storage and transport options

Steeldeck works with a number of storage and transportation systems. These help you to move and store decks and accessories when not in use. 

Some options include a Trolley Kit available with 4 castors and 2 ratchet straps, lifting handles, and a 2-wheeled Monkey Chariot for easy movement of platforms.

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