Studio Bleacher Seating

Studio Bleacher is a modular seating system made from high-quality materials. This includes a powder-coated steel framework, upholstered benches, and carpeted walkways. It is perfect for indoor environments where you need to seat an audience in a compact space. The system has many advantages: it is easy to handle and store, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly customisable.

Feature summary

  • Standard modules are 2.4m and 2m in lengths (custom sizes available)
  • Choose from 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier configurations
  • Modular tiered system designed for indoor use
  • Comfortable yet compact to maximise space
  • Customisable with colours and a range of finishes

Our Studio Bleacher is suitable for many indoor environments, including school halls, modern office buildings, sports centres, gymnasiums, universities, and other venues. It is ideal whether you want the system for a theatrical performance, teaching, live sporting events, or even for a company meeting.

One of the biggest appeals of Studio Bleacher is its modular configuration and ease of transportation. The system features two-person handling, enabling you to easily set up and store the system by using its integrated ‘tip and roll’ action. Heavy-duty castors mean you can tip the bleacher modules on their back and roll them through doorways.

The tiered configuration allows you to fit more people into a limited space while ensuring everyone can see the action. The range of colour options and customisations allow it to blend effortlessly into an existing room.

A durable, strong, and comfortable bleacher

Studio Bleacher is designed and manufactured in the UK in Mainstage Ltd’s factory. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure your bleacher is comfortable, robust and strong — a reliable investment enough to last for many years into the future.

The bleacher modules are made from powder-coated mild steel. The powder-coating process improves the visual appeal of the system while increasing its durability. Standard modules are 2m and 2.4m in size. You can choose from 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier configurations, depending on the size of audience you wish to accommodate. Aisleways range from 900mm to 1.2m. The overall width of each aisleway will vary according to the capacity.

Suitable for a wide range of indoor venues

The modular configuration of Studio Bleacher and its ease of storage and transportation makes it suitable for a wide range of environments. The system is extremely flexible, allowing you to increase or decrease the number of seats based on your requirements.

Schools use the system for assemblies, sports events, and various other productions. The bleacher seats more people in a compact space than would be otherwise possible while providing a superior viewing angle for your audience.  The convenient setup, installation and storage options also make Studio Bleacher ideal for modern office buildings. Companies can take advantage of customised colour options to match the existing decor or company branding.

Gymnasiums, sports and fitness centres often select Studio Bleacher for many of the same reasons. It is perfect for indoor sporting events that require audience seating. The upholstered foam benches provide great comfort for extended periods of time, ensuring your audience can sit and enjoy the performance.

Customisable seating to match your venue

Studio Bleacher is customisable to match the appearance of your venue. The upholstered foam benches conform to fire retardancy standards and can be personalised with a range of colour choices to match existing decor. You can even choose personalisations to match the colour scheme of your school or sports team. 

The system can also include carpeted walkways that come in a selection of colours. If you prefer, you can opt for various guard rail styles to gain a different appearance than the default choice. Custom-made versions of Studio Bleacher are available on request.

Studio Bleacher Packs

Our Studio Bleacher packs are made from four 2.4m modules and a 1.1m aisleway x [the number of tiers you require, up to a maximum of 5 tiers). The packs can be scaled up or down to reach your desired seating capacity. Please note: these are intended as a guide and Studio Bleacher can be made to any size required.

  • Pack 1 at 10.7m Wide x 3 Tiers [62 Person Capacity]
  • Pack 2 at 10.7m Wide x 4 Tiers [82 Person Capacity]
  • Pack 3 at 10.7m Wide x 5 Tiers [102 Person Capacity]

Storage and transportation

Studio Bleacher has the advantage of being easy to store away and transport. The modular nature of the system means it can fit through doorways with ease.

Transportation on flat surfaces, such as down corridors, is easy thanks to the heavy-duty castors. You simply ‘tip and roll’ the modules to make use of the wheels. Skid trolleys are also available if you prefer to move the system using this approach. The majority of customers use a mixture of both methods when manoeuvring.

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