Theatrical Supplies

Scenic Paints – Rosco Off Broadway

Rosco’s Off Broadway scenic paint has a vinyl acrylic binder that makes it ideal for all kinds of theatrical and artistic sceneries. Being one of the most popular scenic paints on the market, Off Broadway brings great flexibility with its rich, deep colour applications. It can be used concentrated from the tin or diluted with water. Materials the paint is effective on include numerous metals, wood, wallboard, muslin, and even plastics. It is available in 5 metallic options and 27 artistic colours.

Scenic Paints – Rosco Super Saturated

Rosco Super Saturated is available as concentrated paint but can also be diluted with water. It is a vinyl acrylic paint that gives artists great possibilities when it comes to creating unique, eye-catching effects. Vibrant colour schemes are readily achievable, as are more bold, non-transparent opaque effects. The paint is compatible with many surfaces from wood and metal to plastic and wallboard. A unique binder within the mixture provides excellent staying power on materials and ensures great adhesion, even on more challenging surfaces and theatrical sets. Available in 32 different artistic colour schemes.

Fire Retardant Sprays and Liquids – msl Firecheck

msl Firecheck is a flame retardant spray used to protect different types of fabrics from fire damage. It is perfect for use in theatrical settings for protecting artwork and displays that are situated near to open flames. Firecheck can protect costumes, drapes, curtains, scenery, and many other types of fabrics. It is equally useful for other settings outside of the theatre, such as in restaurants with candles on tables. Available in both spray and liquid form, msl Firecheck provides a protective carbonised shield, protecting the fabric and reflecting heat. This produces a highly effective fire resistant environment.

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Fire Retardant Sprays and Liquids – msl Timbercheck

msl Timbercheck is designed for use in theatrical and other areas where there are many wooden surfaces, props, and equipment with a potential fire risk. Timbercheck wood treatment will reduce the spread of any flame to Class 0 (BSL 476: Part 7: 1987) or Class 1 on plywood. Timbercheck is suitable for use on all kinds of wooden objects, theatre props, and equipment, such as fences, sheds, shelters, sculptures, portable stages, etc. When applied, it protects the surface of the wood, reflecting heat and stopping combustible gas from escaping. This vastly improves the fire retardancy of the wooden surface.

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Supergel Colour Filters

Supergel is an industry-leading colour filter range with 15 different diffusions and 75 colour options. Each filter is made from high-quality materials by a polycarbonate extrusion process to deliver exceptionally long life under demanding conditions.

In theatrical, film, and TV settings, Supergel filters can withstand concentrated heat from light sources while providing excellent colour likeness and flame-retardancy. The popular Roscolux range is particularly impressive and has deep-dyed plastic filters to deliver fantastic strength and consistency of colour.

Theatrical, Electrical, and Flooring Tapes

We can supply a wide range of theatrical, electrical, and flooring tapes for various purposes. This includes gaffer tapes for demanding tasks requiring strong adhesion and electrical tapes for insulating electrical wiring. We are able to supply several colour varieties of tape that allow you to create a colour contrast on step units or to outline the edge of your stage modules. Our electrical tape is also available in several colour options. Electrical tape is pressure-sensitive to maximise insulation and helps to prevent discharge of the current to other nearby wiring. In theatrical settings, this improves fire safety and vastly reduces the risk of electrocution.

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