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Achieving FA Green Guide Standards with Mainstage Bleacher Seating Systems

In the current era, adhering to regulatory standards is not only a requirement, but also signifies a dedication to excellence, security, and environmental responsibility. At Mainstage Ltd, our commitment is to guarantee our portable bleacher seating systems meet the requirements set out in the FA Green Guide.

What does the FA Green Guide entail?

The FA Green Guide, also referred to as the “Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds”, is a detailed resource that offers advice on how to keep spectators safe at sports venues. It is widely acknowledged and implemented throughout the UK, establishing the benchmark for the design, supervision, and functioning of sports facilities.

Our Pledge to You

We recognise that meeting FA Green Guide standards can be a complicated undertaking, requiring careful planning and accurate manufacturing. This is the reason why we are dedicated to collaborating closely with our clients, making sure your individual requirements are satisfied.

This method involves:

Tailored Production:

Our bleacher seating systems can be customised to adhere to the specific requirements detailed in the FA Green Guide. Advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials are used to guarantee longevity, safety, and comfort.

Consultation and Planning:

We collaborate with you during the initial consultation to identify the needs of your project. Our team of professionals will assist in understanding the intricacies of the FA Green Guide, ensuring your seating system meets all requirements.

What makes Mainstage stand out?

By choosing Mainstage you are teaming up with a company that prioritises excellence, security, and customer satisfaction. This is the reason we set ourselves above the rest:

  • A wealth of knowledge and skills are possessed by our team due to years of industry experience, allowing us to provide high quality seating systems.
  • Innovation is a key priority for Mainstage. We strive to always be at the forefront of industry trends by regularly enhancing our products and processes with the newest advancements in safety and design.
  • Focusing on the customer: We value establishing long-term connections with our customers. We prioritise your satisfaction and make sure to exceed your expectations.

Contact us:

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and understand how we can collaborate to reach your objectives. At Mainstage Ltd, we’re committed to assisting through each stage of the process.