Staging for Hotels, Conferences & Speakers

Hotels and conference centres regularly play host to a variety of speaking engagements, events, and exhibitions. While the venue itself is an important consideration, staging that is fit for the task and safe is equally important to consider. At Mainstage Ltd, we design and manufacture portable staging systems for hotels and conferences. All these systems are modular and demountable, allowing you to easily set the stage up, take it down, transport, and store it away when not in use.

Our systems are suitable for temporary and semi-permanent installations. With their modular design, range of accessories and customisations, you can achieve the perfect stage that will meet the exact requirements of your venue and performance.

As well as supplying a range of portable staging systems for hotels and conferences, we can also provide innovative tiered seating systems based on our Cameo stage. These allow you to create sturdy multi-level loose seating areas for your attendees.

Mainstage’s Debut, Cameo, Performa, and Ovation stages are ideal for hotels and conferences and feature many benefits, including the below.

Hidden (Keep in place)
View inserting a leg into the leg-lock corner video
Hidden (Keep in place)
View the deck storage trolley video

Easy to install and take down

When your time is limited, you need a stage that you can quickly install and dismantle, ideally with as few helpers as possible. All our stages are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre thanks to modular components that fit together effortlessly.

The modular platforms and accessories can be carried and moved into position with zero hassle by just two people. The setup time is fast — often within minutes. This gives you more time to concentrate on your performance.

Besides being super-fast to set up and take down, Mainstage can supply a range of innovative transportation and storage options, including storage trolleys. These allow you to conveniently store away your stage in compact areas when not in use.

Low profile & customisable

For your event to be memorable and successful, the stage should ideally blend into the existing environment and not detract away from the performance itself. We understand the need to adapt our stages to meet the requirements of your venue. We are able to design and supply a stage with a low profile to prevent the system from overshadowing the event space. We can also add accessories like valances, backdrops, and custom colour schemes to ensure the stage blends in with ease.

At Mainstage, we offer a wide range of customisation options. We can match the colours of your venue or hotel event space, add custom carpets and wood finishes, and handle all kinds of other bespoke design requirements on request.

Safety features & accessories

While the visual appearance of your stage is vital for a successful event, it is equally important to consider the safety aspect to reduce the risk of injury. All our stages are designed to be sturdy and safe, with weight loading capacities of 5kN and above.

Our range of accessories also includes several safety components that can be easily attached to your stage to enhance safety. This includes guardrails, step units, chair stops, and more. We can also include slip-resistant surfaces on our stages.

Tiered seating for hotels & conferences

Aside from our range of demountable stages, we can also supply tiered seating systems based on our innovative Cameo stage. This allows you to create a multi-level seating bank with loose chairs to seat audience members.

This method of creating tiered seating is far more cost-effective than using retractable seating banks and allows you to truly maximise the space in your venue. It is quick and easy to assemble and supports a wide variety of accessories.

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