Crowd Barriers

Crowd or pit barriers are often utilised at events like concerts for crowd control. The most common use is directly in front of a stage to form a barrier between the crowd and the performing act. But barriers can also be used in other circumstances, most typically for crowd safety both indoors and outdoors.

In environments where ensuring crowd safety and maintaining orderly conduct are paramount, such as festivals and music concerts, deploying a robust crowd barrier system is indispensable. Our meticulously engineered barriers offer the ideal solution, seamlessly balancing lightweight design with exceptional strength, courtesy of their aluminium and steel construction. Whether positioned at the forefront of the stage to delineate performer space or strategically arranged to establish secure zones for both attendees and event personnel, our barriers serve as a reliable safeguard, facilitating smooth crowd management and enhancing overall event safety.

Feature summary

Suppliable in 1m wide modules and angled sections
Easy to handle and move (each unit 35Kg)
Equally safe for event attendees and crew (1.5kN sideways weight loading)
Simple to lock together securely

Barriers fold down for easy storage (flatpack depth less than 100mm). Transport options avalable

Available in 1m modules, these crowd barriers are highly adaptable and easy to fit together securely. Captive nuts for joining modules means there are no loose parts to consider, ensuring quicker and more convenient setup and storage. Angled sections are also available to give you the flexibility to go around corners and create interesting designs, or to handle the layout of the venue. Besides this, the system also incorporates cable barriers, cradles, and stillages. The rear of each barrier module includes a sizable back step standing zone for event crew and security personnel. This provides a clear vantage point to keep a visible eye on the crowd and helps to enhance safety for all in attendance.

Storage and Transport Options

Our innovative stillages are designed to accommodate up to 10 folded barrier modules each, providing a practical and space-saving storage solution for your convenience. Engineered with efficiency in mind, each barrier module is manufactured to fold flat, allowing for seamless stacking within the stillages. For added versatility and ease of transport, optional castors can be incorporated into each module, enabling effortless manoeuvrability even in confined indoor spaces where traditional handling methods may pose challenges. This adaptable feature proves invaluable, particularly in venues where space is at a premium or logistical constraints necessitate swift setup and reconfiguration. With our comprehensive stillage system, you can effortlessly streamline your event operations while ensuring optimal organisation and accessibility of your barrier units.

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