Audience / Indoor Seating

Indoor audience seating systems are useful when you need to seat an audience in a manner that allows you to make the most of your performances. Each option functions in a wide variety of venues and allows you to seat audiences of different sizes, ensuring you can accommodate the right number of people.

Tiered Seating Banks

Loose Audience Seating
Sports halls, churches, schools, events venues, and even office buildings are some of the typical environments where indoor seating is commonly used.

Tiered seating options like our Cameo seating banks provide better viewing angles and sightlines for audiences. They are compact, easy to set up and pack away, and come in modules that fit together. This facilitates easy storage and transportation.

Our loose audience seating chairs provide the flexibility to create custom seating arrangements and increase or decrease capacity according to demand.

Cameo Tiered Seating Banks

For tiered seating banks, the Cameo staging system is an excellent choice. This allows you to create a multi-tiered stage to accommodate a seated audience. Because the stage can be configured at different heights, it is ideal for creating a tiered space for using loose chairs, banquette benches, or other types of seating.

Accessories such as frames and braces allow for increased heights over 1000mm, providing superior viewing angles, while add-ons like guard rails and chairstops offer extra safety and protection. Like all our other stages, Cameo as a tiered seating bank is easy to assemble and dismantle thanks to our innovative Leg Lock system and integrated bolt rail.

Storage and transportation of the tiered stage is also easy with a range of storage options. A range of finishes and refinements, such as valances, are also available.

Loose Audience Seating

Loose chairs are suitable for use in all types of venues, or for use on our Cameo tiered seating banks. We offer two types: the Tubular Steel Series and Double Rolled Steel Series. The Double Rolled Steel Series has a greater amount of features.

The Tubular Steel Series is a comfortable, durable, yet economical option. It comes with integral linking brackets as standard, allowing you to link chairs securely together in a row. The Double Rolled Steel Series is a higher-end, premium option and provides superior strength, while maintaining its lightweight form and compact storage ability.

It comes with an innovative X-frame design that allows the chair to self-level on uneven surfaces. This also provides greater strength and shock absorption. Other add-ons include tip-up seats, interbracket arms, and floor bars for accurate row spacing. More accessories are available.

Both of our loose chair seating models come in a range of frame finishes and upholstery colours. The upholstery conforms to fire retardancy standards.