Debut – Lightweight Modular Stages

Debut is the perfect choice if you need your stage to be lightweight, easy to handle, and compact to store.

Cameo – Medium Duty Portable Staging

Cameo is a true all-rounder and our most popular stage. It is the lightest stage in its class on the

Performa – Heavy Duty Stage Platforms

Performa is an extremely strong and versatile staging system designed for when you need that extra capacity to hold heavy

Ovation – Large Platforms

Ovation is a medium-duty modular stage that works well for large scale installations. The system has large platforms that cover

Steeldeck – Heavy Duty

The original Steeldeck is an ultra heavy-duty modular stage system, designed to meet the most demanding of challenges. Suitable for

Tiered Seating Banks

Tiered seating banks based on our Cameo system are the perfect choice for creating a bespoke multi-level seating solution for

Theatrical Supplies

Scenic Paints – Rosco Off Broadway Rosco’s Off Broadway scenic paint has a vinyl acrylic binder that makes it ideal

Track & Field Bleacher

Our Track & Field Bleacher is a lightweight and comfortable aluminium bleacher system designed for outdoor use. It has a

Arena Bleacher Seating

Arena Bleacher is a weatherproof, aluminium seating system designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is highly durable and

Crowd Barriers

Crowd or pit barriers are often utilised at events like concerts for crowd control. The most common use is directly

Spectator Terraces

Spectator is an outdoor terrace system designed to accommodate standing spectators. It combines the robustness of outdoor bleachers with the

Loose Audience Seating

Our range of loose audience seating gives you great flexibility to create custom loose seating arrangements in all kinds of