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    Welcome to Mainstage Ltd, the UK’s leading staging manufacturer
    For 25 years, Mainstage have been providing the world with innovative, robust and practical portable staging solutions, and use all the benefit of that experience to keep improving the products that you use. We want to offer you the best stages and seating available, focusing on ease of use and practicality, to make your events run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

    Whatever your venue, be it a school, place of worship, community centre or theatre, you’ll find that Mainstage have a wide variety of options to meet your specifications, with an adaptability that can handle frequently changing needs. To help you find the best solutions, you will be given expert advice and recommendations based on experience with your industry, and you will find many products or devices built with your needs in mind.

    Your products will come with a ten year guarantee, giving you security in your purchase and trust in the long lasting nature of your stage. Our team is also available to provide advice on how to best look after your stage, and offer after-sales care to ensure that you get the best possible service to go with your product.

    At Mainstage we are manufacturers, not suppliers. We are committed to providing the highest quality stages and ensure we handle every step of the process. That’s why all of our staging and seating solutions are manufactured in our UK-based manufacturing facility.

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