BaseLine Bleacher stands out as the most cost-effective solution in our range of bleacher seating banks, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of various venues. This product embodies efficiency and versatility, offering 2-3 tiered seating options tailored to fit a wide range of environments.

Track & Field


BaseLine Bleacher stands out for its ability to offer flexible seating configurations, presenting 2-3 tiered options that cater to a wide range of crowd sizes and event types. This adaptability is a hallmark feature, making it the preferred choice for event organisers seeking dependable and comfortable seating solutions that can be tailored to suit the unique demands of any occasion or venue.

Whether it’s a small-scale gathering or a large-scale event, the BaseLine Bleacher effortlessly accommodates varying audience sizes, ensuring that every attendee enjoys an optimal viewing experience. Its versatile design allows for easy customisation, enabling event planners to configure the seating layout to maximise space utilisation and enhance audience comfort.

From sports tournaments to music festivals, community events to corporate functions, the BaseLine Bleacher offers unmatched versatility, seamlessly adapting to the ever-changing needs of different events and venues. With its reliable performance and adaptable design, it sets the standard for flexible seating solutions, providing organisers with the confidence to create memorable experiences for their audiences time and time again.


The ease of assembly is just one of the standout features that set BaseLine Bleacher apart from conventional seating options. Offering versatility to meet diverse needs, this innovative system is available in two convenient formats. It can be delivered fully assembled, ready for immediate deployment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organisers pressed for time. Alternatively, it is also available as a flat-packed kit, providing a practical solution for storage and transportation, ideal for venues with limited space or those requiring frequent setup changes.

BaseLine Bleacher also features tip and roll functionality, which further enhances its mobility, transforming the bleacher into a portable seating solution that can be effortlessly relocated and reconfigured to accommodate varying event requirements. Whether it’s a sports tournament, outdoor concert, or community gathering, the BaseLine Bleacher adapts seamlessly to provide comfortable seating for attendees while simplifying logistical operations for event organisers


BaseLine Bleacher’s all-aluminium construction stands as a cornerstone of its design philosophy, delivering a blend of lightweight portability and robust durability. This unique combination ensures that the bleacher can be effortlessly handled by no more than two individuals while maintaining its structural integrity over the long term.

The inherent weatherproof nature of aluminium further enhances its appeal, providing resilience against diverse environmental elements commonly encountered in outdoor venues. From scorching sun to heavy rain, BaseLine Bleacher remains steadfast, offering reliable seating solutions that withstand the rigours of outdoor events. This durability not only safeguards the investment but also instils confidence in organisers, knowing that their seating arrangements can endure whatever nature throws their way.


Designed to be versatile, the BaseLine Bleacher is perfect for multi-use games areas, basketball courts, running tracks, and school playing fields, among others. Its adaptability and durability make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, accommodating the seating needs of any sporting or recreational event.

For venues requiring permanent seating, the BaseLine Bleacher can be equipped with floor fixing brackets. These brackets ensure the bleachers are securely anchored to the ground, providing additional stability and safety for users. This feature is particularly beneficial in high-traffic environments or where additional security is required.


The thought-out design of the BaseLine Bleacher guarantees seamless passage through standard commercial single doorways, accommodating both the standard 2 and 3-tiered models with ease. This exceptional accessibility facilitates effortless transportation between different locations, offering unparalleled convenience for venues necessitating swift assembly and disassembly of seating setups.

Whether for temporary events, recurring performances, or dynamic venue layouts, the ability to effortlessly manoeuvre the bleachers through doorways streamlines logistical operations, saving time and effort while ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organisers and attendees alike.

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