Hire A Stage System

Are you looking to elevate your event to new heights? Look no further than our portable stage systems, which are available for dry-hire. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large-scale production, we have the perfect stage solution for you. Our stage systems are designed to be versatile, easy to set up, and tailored to your specific needs.

Debut Lightweight System

Our Debut lightweight system is ideal for smaller events and venues. Despite its lightweight design, it offers sturdy and reliable performance. Perfect for occasions where simplicity and efficiency are paramount, the Debut system is quick to set up and dismantle. Its modular design allows for easy customisation, ensuring that it can adapt to various stage configurations effortlessly.

Cameo Professional System

For more complex configurations and larger events, we offer the Cameo professional system. Designed with versatility and durability in mind, the Cameo system is capable of accommodating tiered stages, multi-level setups, or single-level platforms with ease. Whether you’re hosting a concert, conference, or theatrical performance, the Cameo system provides the flexibility and stability you need to bring your vision to life.

Dry Hire Basis

Our stage systems are available on a dry-hire basis, providing you with the freedom to manage the setup and dismantling process according to your schedule. With dry hire, you have two options:


  1. Collect and Return: You can choose to collect the stage system from our premises in Sittingbourne, Kent, and return it once your event is over. This option gives you full control over the logistics and allows for a seamless transition between setup and dismantling.

  3. Courier Delivery: Alternatively, we can arrange for courier delivery to your location. Our team will ensure the stage system reaches you safely and on time. Once your event concludes, we’ll coordinate the collection of the equipment, making the whole process hassle-free.

Comprehensive Package

Regardless of the option you choose, our stage systems come complete with everything you need to create a stunning stage setup. From stage platforms and supports to stairs and handrails, we provide all the essential components to ensure a smooth and successful event. Also, our team is available to offer guidance and support throughout the hiring process, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless experience.

Elevate Your Event Today

Don’t let logistical challenges hold you back from creating the perfect stage for your event. With our dry hire stage systems, you can take control of the setup process and unleash your creativity with confidence. Whether you opt for the Debut lightweight system or the Cameo professional system, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our stage hire options.

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