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Mainstage Ltd’s range of portable staging systems allow you to film your TV production indoors or outdoors without interference or complication. When you need the focus to be on your actors and performers — and not the set itself — we have everything you need to make your production a resounding success.

All our stages have a modular design with components that quickly and easily fit together. They are lightweight to carry, quick to set up, and just as fast to dismantle. Installation and packing away can be achieved with only two people. We also have a range of innovative storage and transportation solutions ideal for film productions.

If you require a custom stage design, such as a specific ground effect or a custom shape to fit in with a particular TV set, we are happy to accommodate this. Besides visual and practical elements, we also place great emphasis on safety. All our systems are hard-wearing, sturdy, and compatible with several safety add-ons.

Some of the key advantages of using our demountable stages for your film or TV set are as follows:

Low profile

We can supply a ‘low profile’ stage that enables you to effortlessly film your production without the set getting in the way. We ensure that any staging effortlessly blends in with your intended environment by utilising a range of techniques.

Equally, because our stages are highly customisable, you can add and remove modules to create different set designs or create flat or multi-tier arrangements within minutes. Our easy to use Cameo and Performa stages are perfect for this role.

Sturdy & durable design

While lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, all our systems are robust and durable, able to withstand regular use both indoors and outdoors. They are weatherproof and come with high weight loading capacities, typically 5kN. Our Performa system has a larger weight loading capacity of 7.5kN and is designed for holding heavy, bulky items.

Easy to set up & take down

When you need to film in different locations, our modular stages are the perfect solution. They can be set up and taken down in minutes by a limited number of personnel. In most cases, you only need two people to carry each component. This significantly increases the efficiency of your filming time and enhances productivity.

Simple to transport & store away

Being lightweight, easy to move around, and effortless to dismantle, all our stages are simple to transport and store when not in use. You can easily transport Debut, Cameo, and Performa in a van to and from a production set. Alternatively, the stage can be moved on a trolley and packed away using our innovative storage solutions.

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Customisable to your exact needs

With Mainstage Ltd, you never need to compromise on your staging requirements. We can design and manufacture your stage to meet the exact needs of your set. This includes adding custom colour schemes, bespoke carpets or coverings, and even creating different shape and sized modules, including flat and multiple tiers.

Larger platforms are available

Should your film or TV set require an extensive stage, our Ovation system features larger platform sizes that span a greater area of the floor. This allows you to create a bigger stage with fewer modular components. Ovation is also a highly cost-effective option, being more affordable per square metre than our other stage systems.

A range of add-ons available

All our stages can be customised with a range of innovative and practical accessories to enhance safety, access, and the visual appearance. Examples include guardrails, step units, wheelchair access ramps, valances, backdrops, and more. We can also design and build custom add-ons upon request.

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