Stages For Community Centres

The innovative designs and modular form of Mainstage Ltd’s stages make them perfectly suited to community centres. As a leading provider of stages and seating solutions, we have a long track record of supplying easy to use, portable systems to community centres large and small throughout the UK.

Whether you need a portable stage for ad hoc performances or one for demanding, regular use, our Debut and Cameo systems are lightweight, easy to handle, and convenient to store away, even in compact spaces. Both indoor and outdoor use is possible for a range of performances, presentations, and seating arrangements.

While there are many benefits to Mainstage stages, the key advantages are:

Easy to set up and take down

If your community centre is a multi-use premises, it will likely be impractical to keep a stage permanently set up due to space and time constraints. In this case, our Debut and Cameo stage systems with their modular design are the ideal solution.

Debut and Cameo can be set up and taken down in minutes by a limited number of people. This works well for community centres because the stage can be set up and packed away quickly without hindering others who use the centre.

Our Debut stage is lightweight and easy to use. At only 7kg per platform, it is best suited for use by primary school children. The lightweight form and ease of setup means youngsters can carry and manoeuvre the stage components with ease.

Cameo is our best-selling stage system and features larger module platforms, yet it is still lightweight enough to handle by two people. The stage can be quickly set up and packed away thanks to our unique ‘Leg Lock’ feature (view the video below).

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View erecting a platform video
View placing the debut stage tops video
View inserting a leg into the leg-lock corner video

Easy to store in compact spaces

Besides having a speedy and easy setup, our stages are also purposely designed for simple and convenient storage — even in tight spaces, such as a utility room, storage cupboard, or underneath a permanent stage.

Each stage has modular components that are easy to take apart, carry, and store in compact areas, saving you considerable space. Debut can be neatly stacked in a tower configuration, while our other stages stack flat with the legs underneath.

We also supply a number of purpose-built, innovative transportation and storage systems, including trolleys to help you wheel stage modules through down corridors and through doorways. Stages can also be easily transported and stored in a van.

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View using a skid trolley video

Easy to customise to your needs

Although you almost certainly have many of the same problems as other community centres, we recognise that not every centre is exactly the same. Whether it’s the size, shape or even colour of your stage, it’s important to have one that fits your community centre perfectly.

Mainstage makes stage customisations easy. Your stage is made to order, so if you have a specific need for a different shape, for example because your hall has angled corners, you can talk with our design team and we’ll create a bespoke, customised solution especially for you.

Besides our bespoke customisations, we can also supply several accessories to enhance the appearance and usability of your stage. This includes guard rails to increase safety, step units and ramps for accessibility, plus valances, backdrops, and custom finishes.

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