Premier Hi-Rise: The Ultimate Wheelchair Lifting Platform

Discover the freedom of mobility with our wheelchair lift solutions. Experience seamless access and convenience, ensuring independence for users. Explore our range today for enhanced accessibility and peace of mind.

Revolutionising Accessibility for Mobility-Impaired and Wheelchair Users

In environments where ramps are impractical due to steep gradients or excessive length, and space is an issue, Mainstage introduces Premier Hi-Rise – the ultimate solution bridging the gap in accessibility.

The Optimal Solution for Minor Altitude Adjustments

Premier Hi-Rise has been designed to empower wheelchair users and individuals with physical disabilities, allowing them to effortlessly overcome height differences of up to 830mm. This versatile lifting platform is an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor events and performances, ensuring that inclusivity and accessibility are seamlessly integrated in any setting, thereby never compromising on ensuring everyone’s participation.

Unmatched Versatility and Ease of Use

Manufactured with a high attention to detail, Premier Hi-Rise represents a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of event equipment. Boasting a weather-resistant construction, this cutting-edge lift is engineered to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging outdoor conditions. Its intuitive design facilitates a swift and hassle-free setup process, eliminating unnecessary delays and streamlining event logistics. With a maximum weight of just 71.5 kg, it is extremely portable, offering unparalleled convenience for on-the-go deployment at various venues. Whether you require a versatile solution for concerts, outdoor festivals, or corporate gatherings, Premier Hi-Rise stands ready to deliver unmatched efficiency and functionality, enhancing the success of your events with ease.

Cutting-Edge Features


Lightweight Design:

At a maximum of 71.5Kg, it’s extremely easy to transport.


No Fixed Installation:

Deploys instantly without any need for permanent modifications.


Quick and Simple Setup:

Installation is straightforward, with no complexities.


Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility:

Engineered to perform reliably, regardless of the location.


Quiet Operation:

Designed to function silently, ensuring a disturbance-free environment.


Flexible Access:

Accommodates lateral entry and exit, enhancing user convenience.


Customisable Aesthetics:

Comes in standard RAL 7035 colour, with special colour options available upon request.


Standard Specifications


Premier Hi-Rise: 1

Premier Hi-Rise: 2

Maximum Lifting Height



Maximum Loading Capacity



Lifting Speed



Minimum Height






Power Supply

24V via Transformer / 230V Power Supply

24V via Transformer / 230V Power Supply

Internal Dimension Length



Internal Dimension Width



External Dimension Length



External Dimension Width



Unparalleled Accessibility with Premier Hi-Rise

Equipped with a robust 24-V motor linked to a transformer and standard socket, Premier Hi-Rise operates smoothly, providing a steady and secure lift. Users can enjoy effortless access thanks to a manually operated ramp, with an option for an electrically adjustable version, ensuring the platform is welcoming and accessible to all.

Premier Hi-Rise is more than just a lifting platform, it’s a commitment to fostering inclusive environments where barriers are eliminated, and independence is celebrated. Experience the transformation in mobility and access at your events, where every detail is made with the user in mind, setting new standards in accessibility solutions.

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