Church Stages

At Mainstage Ltd, we have a long track record of supplying practical, innovative staging solutions for churches and other faith establishments. We have a range of demountable stage systems to meet your needs. Each is designed to blend seamlessly with your venue’s existing decor, whether traditional or modern. As a place of worship, choosing the right stage for your church is an important consideration. The nature of established buildings like churches and cathedrals where obstacles are many means that a custom solution is best. We adapt our stages to the particular size or shape of your venue, not the other way round.

Our modular stages are lightweight, durable, and customisable to meet the exact layout of your church. They can be quickly set up by a limited number of personnel and taken down with minimal effort. Novel transportation and storage options means you also have flexibility to move and store away your stage, even in compact spaces.

Whether you require a single or multi-use stage, a flat or tiered system, we can help you choose the perfect, bespoke solution. All our stages have a modular design that fit together, enabling you to create small or large stage environments. You can even modify the layout of your stage depending on the type of event you are hosting.

Cameo — Medium-Duty & Customisable

Cameo is the most popular stage we supply for churches. This medium-duty solution is the lightest in its class on the market and provides great scope for customisations. It allows you to achieve the perfect shape of stage to match your church layout. Cameo can also be personalised with a range of finishes and accessories to ensure the stage blends in effortlessly and tastefully with your existing decor.

The system is a great choice for church environments because it can be set up and packed away within minutes. Cameo’s innovative Leg Lock feature allows you to lock stage legs into place in seconds without tools. It is also a suitable option for tiered seating banks, ideal for improving the viewing angles for your congregation. Loose audience chairs can be added to stages to achieve comfortable seating.

Besides Cameo being a good choice for flat or tiered stages, the system is equally useful for portable, demountable altars. Our innovative altar rails effortlessly slot into the modules and lock with ease, ensuring a stable and secure rail that is easy to unlock. Wood facia boards can be attached to the front to enhance the appearance.

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Debut — Lightweight & Versatile

Debut is a versatile, lightweight option that is suitable for choir and choral risers, or even as a stage for children, such as for Sunday School classes. With its modular design, the system is easy to handle and manoeuvre. Each module weighs 7kg or less, meaning almost anyone can pick it up and move the components with ease.

Both flat and multi-tier stage arrangements are possible with Debut. The system’s modular design allows you to achieve all kinds of interesting stage layouts. The simplicity of setup and ease of transportation and storage makes it a popular option. Accessories and a range of finishes can also be added to enhance the appearance.

Performa — Heavy-Duty For Bulky Equipment

Perforuma is a durable yet easy to move modular stage designed for when you need to hold heavy equipment on stage. It has a 7.5kN per square metre weight loading capacity, ideal for holding bulky items like grand pianos in your faith establishment. Similarly to Cameo, the system is easy to set up, take down, and store away.

Accessories For Church Stages

All our systems are compatible with accessories to help your stage blend into the church environment and serve the needs of your congregation. We can supply valances that hang at the front of the stage to cover the legs, custom carpet options, backdrops for church productions, facia boards, guard rails, and more. Step units and ramps for wheelchair access are also available and easy to add to each stage.

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