Sports Seating

Sports are always a great crowd-pleaser, but to get the most out of your sporting event, you need comfortable, safe seating that you can rely on. Whether at a school sports day, at the racing track, for football and hockey pitches, or on training areas, seating plays an important role in ensuring your event runs smoothly for spectators.

Indoors or outdoors, our sports seating solutions are perfect for the task. At Mainstage Ltd, we have a wide range of hard-wearing, weatherproof seating systems available, plus sturdy tiered standing areas, ideal for racing and football. We have both semi-permanent and permanent seating to meet your exact needs.

All our systems are modular and the majority can be stored away when not in use. The demountable nature of our sports seating systems means that you have the flexibility to move seating areas depending on your capacity and type of event. Mainstage Ltd can design and make custom seating on request.

Artificial Football & Hockey Pitches

If your school, sports club, or training area has a synthetic astroturf pitch, you may require seating for spectators but are unsure what to select. We can supply a range of modular seating systems that are easy to set up, take down, and store away. Our Track & Field bleacher is a cost-effective aluminium seating bank purpose-built for outdoor pitches.

To achieve a ‘stadium’ feel, our Arena bleacher is perfect. It features individual plastic seats, enhancing comfort and providing a premium appearance. You can select up to 5 tiers. The seats are customisable to match your colour scheme.

For standing areas, our Spectator terrace system works well and provides a tiered viewing area up to 5 tiers in height. These increase the height of your viewing areas and help spectators see over fences. Spectator is also lightweight and weatherproof.

Equestrian Centres & Racing Events

Mainstage Ltd’s sports seating systems are also an excellent choice for equestrian centres, dog and horse racing tracks, and many other types of racing events. Our Arena system with individual plastic seats is ideal for providing comfortable seating at indoor and outdoor equestrian centres, while our Track & Field bleachers work well for racing tracks. Spectator is useful for standing arrangements.

Athletics & Running Tracks

If you operate an athletics centre or a running track, seating systems can give your spectators superior comfort and enjoyment, plus vastly increase the buzz, excitement, and prestige of your sports events. Our Track & Field bleachers are perfect for athletics and running tracks. If you prefer individual seats, choose our Arena system. All are durable, lightweight, and weatherproof.

Gymnastics & Indoor Sports

While many of our seating systems are geared towards outdoor use, they can be equally used indoors. Track & Field Bleacher is one system that is designed purely for indoor use at gymnastics centres and all kinds of indoor sporting venues. It is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier height configurations and has comfortable aluminium benches. The modular design allows you to quickly set up and take down the system, then store it away when not in use. Track & Field Bleacher is also easy to manoeuvre thanks to the ‘Skid Trolleys’. Please see below:

Our Arena system is also a great alternative for indoor sports events, either in sports halls, semi-outdoor areas, and many other environments. We can design and build custom indoor and outdoor sports seating upon request.

Training Pitches & Multi-use Areas

If you require a more permanent seating system for outdoor use, T&F is a reliable option. This all-aluminium bleacher system is fully weatherproof to avoid rusting and corrosion. It is a durable, sturdy, and comfortable system for spectators.

Accommodating up to 5 tiers and available in different lengths, T&Fworks well for small and large outdoor training pitches and multi-use games areas.

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