Heavy Duty Stage Platforms

Performa is an extremely strong and versatile staging system designed for when you need that extra capacity to hold heavy equipment. The system is similar to our Cameo stage but has 7.5kN per square metre weight loading, ideal for holding weighty and bulky stage props like grand pianos.





The versatility of Performa makes it suitable for all kinds of settings, but it is perhaps most suited to large scale installations. The ideal staging platform for all events. Just some of the many users of this system include theatres, universities, and exhibition centres. You can achieve both single-level and tiered configurations.

Performa has our unique and innovative Leg Lock feature for super-easy setup and dismantling. This allows you to quickly attach and remove the stage legs in record time. It is the most user-friendly and durable feature of its kind on the market. The glass-filled nylon handle is stronger than steel, ensuring it will never break.

Like all of our stages, Performa is compatible with innovative storage options. Many accessories are also available to enhance the usability of the stage.

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View inserting a leg into the leg-lock corner video

Feature summary

Modular installation with 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m standard platforms (custom sizes available)
Super-strong and durable aluminium construction
7.5kN per square metre weight loading
Innovative Leg Lock feature for easy setup/dismantle
Designed and constructed in Mainstage’s UK factory

Durable construction for heavy-duty use

Performa is designed and manufactured in the UK from carefully selected high-quality materials. The stage is hard-wearing and able to withstand continual heavy pressure, ensuring it will last for many years into the future.

A purpose-built hollow aluminium extrusion provides extra rigidity and strength, perfect for when you need the stage to have a consistent flat feel with no ‘give’.

Each modular platform has a thickness of 4 inches (100mm), yet is relatively easy to carry and manoeuvre by two people. You can choose any height, width or depth, or even request cutouts so you can achieve custom shapes to fit your environment.

The 4-inch thickness is compact enough to allow for storage and transport via our custom-built storage options.

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View the storage kit video

Perfect for holding heavy stage props

It is the super-strong construction and high weight loading capacity that makes Performa the perfect stage for holding people and heavy equipment.

Exhibition centres often use Performa for events where a strong stage is crucial to the successful delivery of performances. Concert halls may use the stage to hold a full concert size grand piano. And theatres can use Performa if performances require the use of heavy stage props.

Similarly to our Cameo system, Performa can also be used for creating custom stage shapes for an orchestra pit. Or for drum kit risers, single-level, and tiered designs.


Performa is a versatile portable stage system widely adopted by educational institutions, drama clubs, theatres, orchestras, and exhibition centres. Renowned for its rapid assembly, space-saving storage, and easy transport, it requires minimal manpower, simplifying logistics with trolley or van mobility. It’s the go-to choice for school events, plays, ceremonies, and augmenting existing stages, offering a professional platform for product displays, tiered seating, or presentations at exhibitions. TV producers and live performances benefit from its adaptable configurations, enhancing audience experiences with elevated or tiered staging. Especially useful for musical groups, it provides practical solutions like drum risers, while its adaptability is ideal for creating accessible viewing areas, enhancing visibility and engagement. Performa’s utility and flexibility make it indispensable for varied staging needs, illustrating its broad appeal and the numerous benefits it brings to any event or performance setting.


Besides Performa’s innovative Leg Lock feature, the system includes a built-in double bolt rail, enabling swift and straightforward attachment of stage accessories, including step units, guard rails, kick boards/chairstops, hardwood fascia boards, and more.
A variety of other accessories are on offer to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your stage, such as backdrops, valances, and custom carpeted options.

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View adding a valance with velcro or valance sliders video

Performa Stage Packs

Whether you require a small or larger installation, Performa single-level stage packs allow you to create a basic one-level stage to suit your exact needs. Note: these packs are merely a guide, and any size configuration based on 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m is possible.

Performa Single-Level Packs:


Pack 1

At 5m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]


Pack 2

At 8m x 3m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]

Pack 3

At 10m x 4m x [190mm, 380mm, 570mm, 760mm, or 950mm Height]


Storage & Transport Options

Performa stages, along with compatible accessories, offer convenient storage solutions to meet your needs. With a variety of specialist storage options available, transporting and storing your equipment has never been easier. The Storage Kit provides a compact and organised way to store Performa stages and accessories, keeping everything secure and easily accessible. For the safe storage of guardrails, the Guardrail Storage Trolley offers a practical solution, allowing for efficient transportation and storage. Also, the Deck Storage Trolley provides a convenient way to store and transport stage decks through single sized doorways, ensuring they remain protected and ready for use. With these specialised storage options, you can maximise space efficiency and keep your Performa stage system components safe and organised at all times.

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