Arena Bleacher Seating

Arena Bleacher Seating

Arena Bleacher is a weatherproof, aluminium seating system designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is highly durable and built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Arena features individual plastic seats with an ergonomic design, providing enough personal space and comfort for spectators, even over extended periods.

Feature summary

  • Standard module size options: 2.4m lengths (custom sizes available)
  • Select from 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier configurations
  • Semi-permanent, lightweight aluminium frame
  • Weatherproof to prevent damage outdoors
  • Manoeuvre using skid trolleys or a forklift truck

Designed as an innovative, semi-permanent solution, Arena is perfect for use at equestrian centres, football grounds, outdoor theatres, sports fields and pitches, athletics tracks, and many other venues. The robust plastic seats are available in a range of colours so you can personalise the system to match your environment.

Arena is similar to our Track & Field Bleacher, but incorporates sturdy individual seats, providing a premium look and feel. The individual seats provide increased comfort for spectators and boost the appeal, usability, and prestige of your venue.

Made in the UK From Robust, Weatherproof Materials

The Arena Bleacher is made in the UK in Mainstage Ltd’s purpose-built factory. We use corrosion-resistant 6082-T6 aluminium to construct the bleacher frame. This provides all the necessary strength and protection for regular outdoor use.

The seats are manufactured using an injection moulding process in stabilised high-quality copolymer polypropylene, creating a visually pleasing shiny surface. All seating on Arena complies with fire retardancy standards.

In addition, the seats are sealed around their entire perimeter, preventing dirt from accumulating inside, making them easier to clean and maintain. There is even a hole for water drainage, along with backrests for increased comfort.

Innovative Seating For All Kinds of Venues

As an innovative, semi-permanent system, Arena is perfect for a wide range of venues. It is especially useful for seating spectators beside athletics tracks and football pitches, or for use at military parade grounds, equestrian centres, and outdoor theatres. Tiered seating provides the ideal vantage point for spectators wanting to see all the action.

Athletics teams often use Arena to provide a viewing area for supporters, friends, and family. Football grounds that want to extend their range of seating to enhance capacity enjoy Arena’s durability and innovative features. The customisable chair colours and straightforward setup makes the system popular for many other uses.

Arena Bleacher with blue seats. Custom steel framework is no-longer produced.

Choose From Various Lengths & Tiers

Arena Bleacher comes in standard-sized module lengths of 2.4m. The modular nature of the system provides great flexibility to build the system to your exact requirements. The bleacher can accommodate 2, 3, 4, and 5 tiers.

We can also enhance the height of the bleacher so spectators can see over barriers and fences. This is useful in situations where advertising boards or security barriers are in place. We add extra steps up to the first row. Custom sizes are available.

Arena Bleacher Packs

Arena Bleacher packs are created from four 2.4m modules and a 1.2m aisleway x [the number of tiers you need, up to a maximum of 5 tiers). The packs give you the ability to enhance your seating capacity based on your venue. However, note that these are merely a guide and custom sizes are available on request.

  • Pack 1 at 10.8m Wide x 3 Tiers [62 Person Capacity]
  • Pack 2 at 10.8m Wide x 4 Tiers [82 Person Capacity]
  • Pack 3 at 10.8m Wide x 5 Tiers [102 Person Capacity]

Transport Using Skid Trolleys Or Front Loaders

Being semi-permanent, the system can be manoeuvred with the assistance of skid trolleys or be transported with the help of a forklift truck or front loader. This allows you to move the modules into storage or quickly form new seating arrangements. Bleacher skid trolleys are demonstrated in the images below.

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