Festival Stages & Outdoor Events

At Mainstage Ltd, we have a long track record of supplying stages for festivals and many other types of outdoor events. Part of this success is our innovative design philosophy and keen understanding of the requirements of outdoor staging. Whether you need an easy-to-transport stage for a small event or a highly durable and robust stage for a festival, we can develop you the perfect system. Our modular stages are lightweight, easy to set up and pack away, and convenient to store.

With our modular stage systems, you can create interesting and unique stage layouts, including flat and tiered configurations. We also supply a range of easy to fit accessories and cosmetic add-ons. Custom designs are available on request.

Weatherproof & corrosion-resistant

A key aspect of any outdoor stage is its ability to withstand the elements and remain corrosion-free while maintaining high levels of safety and performance. We implement several weatherproofing techniques to ensure your outdoor stage counteracts the unpredictable UK weather and remains usable for years to come.

Hidden (Keep in place)
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Lightweight and portable

All our stages are lightweight and easy to carry, plus portable thanks to their modular design. You can transport them in vehicles and easily move them from storage to the stage setup area. Even our most heavy stages only require two or three people for installation. Despite their lightweight, modular form, our systems are highly durable.

Easy to set up, take down & store

Mainstage Cameo, Performa, and Ovation systems feature our innovative ‘Leg Lock’ feature. This allows for the super-fast setup and packing away of your stage. And due to the modular form, you can store away your stage in compact spaces when not in use. We supply a wide range of innovative storage and transportation solutions.

Designed for demanding, heavy use

With their robust, durable construction, Mainstage stages are the perfect solution for festivals and outdoor events where you require a sturdy, hard-wearing stage. Our Performa stage has a 7.5kN weight loading capacity, ideal for performances where you need to hold bulky and heavy equipment on stage without fear of damage or injury.

Flexible & customisable stage designs

Our modular stages give you the flexibility to create all kinds of stage layouts and set arrangements, depending on your individual needs. Our Cameo, Performa, and Ovation systems can also accommodate cut-outs and rounded corners, and achieve other interesting shapes. We can also design custom stage solutions upon request.

Larger platforms to span floor inconsistencies

Our Ovation stage system provides larger-sized modular platforms. If you find your outdoor area has floor inconsistencies, Ovation is perfect. The larger platforms make it easier to bypass dips and bumps, such as those found on grass fields. Ovation is also more cost-effective per square metre and ideal for larger stage arrangements.

Easy to fit accessories to enhance your stage

As well as designing and developing a customised outdoor stage to meet your exact needs, we also have a wide selection of stage accessories. We can supply guardrails to enhance performer safety, step units, valances, backdrops, and more. Whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to find a workable, innovative solution.

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