Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view Mainstage Ltd’s GDPR compliant Privacy Policy?

Please click here to access Mainstage Ltd’s Privacy Policy.

Can I view Mainstage Ltd’s Terms of Business?

Please click here to access Mainstage Ltd’s Terms of Business.

Do you deliver Nationwide?

We do nationwide delivery from as far south as Cornwall and as far north as the Highlands, we use a dedicated carrier who takes care of all our deliveries, so no need to worry where abouts in the country your project is, we’ll get the products there.

What kind of stage do I need?

We try of offer the ultimate choice without being too complicated, our staging range is made up of three main products:


Light duty our Debut range – This range is perfect if you are looking for something that is very easy to handle and compact to store. No single piece weighs more than 7kg and this makes it the popular choice for primary schools and churches; it can be easily erected by a single person or people not used to heavy weights.


Mid weight choice our Cameo range – Extremely quick to install and is tested to withstand a loading of 5 KN / M². Using our unique leg lock system means construction of the stage couldn’t be easier. Cameo can be customised to any height, width or depth (including curves) and is ideal for extending existing stages, creating tiers or interesting shapes.


Heavy duty our Premier range – A real monster which is designed and built to take heavy loads such as stage machinery or concert sized grant pianos. Tested to take loads of up to 7.5 KN / M² premier really is the choice if you need to accommodate heavy loads. Notwithstanding its heavy duty performance Premier uses the same easy to use leg lock system as Cameo making it super-fast to set up / break down.


If you’re not sure what type of stage you need we’re more than happy to assist, simply call or email the sales office. T: 01524 844 099 E: [email protected]

Can I choose the colour?

Of course at Mainstage we are all about choice, from different colour carpets to the decks, to over 70 colours to choose from on our seating you’re in control. We’re a manufacturer so we make what you want.

What is the lead time?

As a manufacturer we make almost everything we sell, given a large portion of our products are bespoke they need to make their way through our factory before they get to you. Typically for most products we work to a 2 – 3 week lead in but this can vary depending on the time of year.

Can you produce drawings so we can visualise the proposals?

We have both 2D & 3D capabilities so we can bring your space to life using one of these packages. In addition we can also work on AutoCAD drawings to allow us to extrapolate details directly from your architectural plans.

Can you do seating for your stages?

Yes we can, we have a comprehensive range to choose from and if you don’t find something that suits your needs we have great links with suppliers where we can source exactly what you’re looking for. Staging for seating range

Are the stages heavy to move around?

As noted on the “what kind of stage do I need?” section of this page it really depends on the type of stage you are looking for. If weight is an issue Debut is an ideal choice as no component weighs more than 7kg.

Are the stages easy to store?

All our stages are available with a storage system, we have a large range of standard options in addition to which we can tailor a solution to suit the exact needs of your space.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our stages come with a standard 10 year guarantee giving surety the products will last the test of time.

Do the stages come in standard sizes?

We have some standard sizes which give a good start to the process, here at Mainstage we want to offer choice to our customer as such we can make almost all of our stages to almost any size. If you need advice on your project please get in touch T: 01524 844 099 E: [email protected].

Do you provide storage / transport trolleys?

Yes we do, just like our storage options we have a range of standard options but we can also tailor a solution to suit your exact need.

Do you have a local rep we can arrange to meet?

Our sales force are extremely mobile and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting. Get in touch and we can agree a time to suit you. T: 01524 844 099 E: [email protected]

Can we see samples?

We have a good stock of samples which we’ll be more than happy to show you. With respect to colour choices these can be viewed on our site or we can post colour cards for next day delivery.

Where does your timber come from?

All our Timber is sourced from FSC & PEFC certified suppliers.

Pricing and VAT 

 All prices are subject to VAT which will be charged at the rate applicable at the time of invoice (currently 20%). 

How do I place an order? 

In order to process your order we require confirmation in writing. This can be in the form of an email, fax or letter and should include any relevant internal reference/order numbers from your organisation.

We will require confirmation of the following:

  • The products you would like to order
  • An invoice address
  • A delivery address
  • An email address,contact name & telephone number

Once we have received your order we will email/fax a confirmation document which will include any delivery charges.

Colour Swatching 

 Please take time to review our Terms & Conditions relating to the reproduction of colour swatches.  Whilst we make every effort to provide accurate information, due to many factors it is difficult to reproduce colours with an exact likeness.  Please contact us and we will be happy to post a carpet or fabric swatch to you.

What is your stance on environmental issues?

As a business we believe that it is our responsibility to recognise and reduce these impacts. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution of land, air and water.

How do you go about that?

We make sure at all times to comply with – and exceed, where possible – all applicable environmental legislation.

We work to stay up to date with the environmental impact of our business activities and to understand other environmental issues.

To prevent ourselves from slipping, we have instituted regular monitoring of our own progress.

What other measures can you take?

There are other steps we’re working toward, or which we do wherever possible. We undertake to reduce the amount of energy used at our premises.

We’re looking to implement Lean Manufacturing principles with a goal of improving process efficiency so as to cut down on energy expenditure and waste both.

What about your materials?

With regard to our raw materials, we manage our raw materials with a goal of maximising yield so as to prevent unnecessary waste, and all wood waste that does occur is used for space heating to cut down on our use of other sources. Wherever possible we reuse or recycle all waste material to minimise the amount that may end up in a landfill.

Our wood is purchased from sustainability managed sources bearing FSC or PEFC certification, and we source our aluminium from UK manufacturers to minimise our carbon footprint.