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One of Mainstage Ltd’s key specialisms is our ability to supply theatres with a range of innovative stage systems to suit different performances and requirements. While we specialise in portable, demountable stages with a modular design, our systems can equally be used to extend existing stages, and for many other purposes.

We cater to theatres of all sizes and have great expertise in ensuring your theatre benefits from a flexible, highly usable stage system to enhance your existing space. No matter if you require a temporary stage for an event, a portable stage for a theatre group, a stage that is easy to store away, or a stage extension, we can help.

As modular systems, our stages are lightweight, easy to handle, highly sturdy, and durable. They can be set up and taken down in minutes by just two people. Innovative storage options means you can store your stage away even in compact areas. This gives extra flexibility to maximise the usable space in your venue.

The modular design even enables you to form interesting layouts in your theatre performance area. You can create popular theatre layouts, such as ‘in the round’, ‘promenade’, ‘thrust’, ‘traverse’, and others. Our stages are equally suitable for providing seating for audiences as part of a multi-level tiered seating arrangement.

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Easy To Install Stage Extensions

One challenge your theatre may face is how to extend an existing fixed stage area. Many theatres often want to increase the width or length of their stage but cannot justify the expense of a brand new, permanent structure. In these situations, Mainstage Ltd’s stage systems like Cameo, Performa, and Ovation are the perfect solution.

We can create custom shapes and cutouts to achieve interesting stage designs. And since our stages are entirely modular, they can be taken down and stored away when not in use. This gives you the best of both worlds: a stage extension when in use, and greater usable space when the system is packed away and in storage.

Besides extending stages on a single level, our modular stage systems are also ideal for creating stage design utilising different heights. You can create interesting layouts, such as adding heightened terrain to a scene. This is great for plays where performers need extra height, or for stage props that need to be elevated.

Cameo — Highly Customisable Modular Stage

Cameo is a lightweight yet highly durable modular stage that can be customised to meet your exact theatre requirements. It can be set up and taken down in minutes thanks to the innovative ‘Leg Lock’ feature. The lightweight modules are easy to manoeuvre and can be carried by two people, plus easily stored in compact spaces.

The system works well for temporary stages, permanent stage extensions, and even for tiered audience seating. Some theatres want a multi-level seating area for audience members. Cameo provides the perfect solution for audience seating. Loose chairs can be supplied, plus accessories, to ensure a fit-for-purpose viewing area.

Performa — Heavy Duty For Bulky Equipment

Our Performa system is similar to Cameo, but it has a superior weight loading capacity of 7.5kN per square metre. It is a heavy duty option that is recommended if you need to hold equipment like grand pianos, cars, and other props on stage. Like Cameo, Performa is compatible with a range of innovative storage options.

Ovation — Larger Platforms For Bigger Stages

Another option for your theatre staging is our Ovation stage. This system features larger modular platforms that cover a greater area of the ground, enabling you to create a bigger stage with fewer components. This also makes Ovation a more economical option if you need a large stage that spans a wide floor area.

Accessories for Theatre Stages

All our stage systems are compatible with a wide range of accessories, providing both practical and visual upgrades for your stage set. Examples of add-ons available include step units, access ramps, guard rails, valances, backdrops, and bespoke carpeted options.

We can design your stage so it blends seamlessly with your existing stage or the decor of the space it occupies. Besides accessories to improve the visual appearance, we also have a range of transport and storage options available.

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