Mainstage Ltd’s stage systems are a reliable choice for architects because they fit any space and work seamlessly with planned and existing environments. This gives you more flexibility to focus on your property designs, safe in the knowledge we can supply a modular, customisable stage solution to meet your exact requirements.

Plan ahead for any performance area

When designing new premises for a theatre or a school performance area, you need to ensure the stage element will neatly fit before you can finalise your plans. You also need to ensure you can achieve this affordably and with as little hassle as possible. Our range of modular stages are perfect for non-standard spaces. With an in-house design team, we can provide quotes, design specifications and even customisable stage solutions that fit effortlessly into your pre-existing design.

You can choose either a permanent stage or a temporary stage that can be quickly set up and taken down, depending on your needs. Many of our stages can be tailor-made into custom shapes and come with several add-on accessories.

Plan for storage space

For designs that intend to make use of a temporary stage, it is also important to consider storage space for when the stage is taken down and not in use. Having a calculation ahead of time is absolutely necessary for your plans to be accurate. Since all our stages have a modular form and fit together with individual components, they are easy to pack away and fit into the smallest of spaces. This gives you far more scope to design suitable storage areas for your performance environments.

Our modular Debut, Cameo, Performa, and Ovation stages are compatible with a range of innovative storage options to fit even the most compact of storage areas. They can be flat packed or stored and transported on specialist trolleys with ease.

Match your existing building plans

As an architect, you have two options: create plans to match the supplies at hand, or find supplies that match the plans you make. While Mainstage is always happy to provide quotes and dimensions of our various products to help you create your plans, we are equally happy to develop stages that complement the plans you have already made.

We never want you to have to compromise on your plans due to something as minor as a few inches of space or a few degrees of curvature — or even because of the decor. We can create stages to fit almost any space, shape, size, or type of decor so you avoid having to modify your plans.

Get in Touch

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