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Taking the Show on the Road: The Versatility of Mainstage Portable Staging & Equipment

When planning events, one key aspect that is often overlooked is the staging, despite being a fundamental part of most performances and events. Whether it’s for a school play, music festival, or a corporate event, having the right portable staging can make all the difference. 

The flexibility of our stage offerings and vast range of intuitive accessories can transform your venue into a professional stage setup. Here at Mainstage, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke staging solutions, making sure your venue and performance are well equipped for the long term.

Core Benefits of Mainstage’s Portable Staging

No matter what type of performance you’re planning, there is a range of benefits portable staging can bring to your event. When compared to fixed staging, a portable solution is much more cost-effective. Not to mention, portable staging can be easily transported and stored when not in use. We are also able to create custom layouts, designs, sizes, and finishes to cover any stage requirements you and your venue may have – ensuring all solutions we provide are made to last.

With our modular designs, you’re able to customise the stage to fit the specific needs of your event, making it a versatile solution for a small affair to a large-scale production. We have a number of stage configurations and setups that can be achieved with our portable stage solutions. Additionally, our solutions can be catered to a number of staging setups, meaning the possibilities are endless!

Types of Portable Staging Equipment

We offer a wide range of portable staging solutions to pick from, each of which caters to your own individual requirements. For example, a Debut stage is ideal for primary schools, churches, and small venues due to its compact sizing and lightweight composition, making it the perfect stage for those not used to heavy lifting. Our Cameo stage is more suited towards secondary schools, and medium sized to larger performances, and can also be configured to create tiered seating banks. 

Performa and Ovation stages are best suited for more demanding setups. Performa is our heavy-duty offering, which is typically used when large stage props and heavy stage machinery are used, or even concert sized grand pianos. Whereas Ovation makes use of large 8ft x 4ft platforms, allowing you to span floor inconsistencies with ease and create larger stages with fewer components. Ovation is also the most cost-effective when creating larger stages when comparing price per square metre.  Whatever your venue, we offer a wide selection of stages to choose from, that are versatile and distinctly different from each other to best suit your individual needs. 

Enhancing Your Audience’s Experience

To keep your audience engaged, entertained and most importantly, comfortable throughout proceedings, it’s vital to invest in a premium stage system. When creating tiered seating banks complete with chairs you can ensure everyone gets a fantastic view, regardless of where they’re sitting. We like to ensure all audience members have clear sightlines to the stage, it’s important to consider both the distance from the stage to the seating area and the incremental tiering of the seats to ensure a clear line of sight. The team here at Mainstage have plenty of experience in configuring your solution to fit the best audience sightlines, ensuring your audience can see everything you want them to.

Crowd barriers are yet another product we provide, offering increased safety measures for managing audience flow and of course, keeping everyone safe. Ensuring these measures are in place will help your event run more smoothly.

Staging for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events come with unique challenges. However, the right portable staging and seating can handle them all. Modular and lightweight designs make setup and transportation simpler, even in awkward outdoor environments. We also ensure all our outdoor solutions are built to last, with robust weather proofing to protect and ensure the longest lasting solution. Trolleys are also available for easier movement, along with custom storage racking for vans and other storage solutions if you need them – just speak to our team about what your needs are.

Customisation and Accessories

One of the best things about Mainstage’s portable staging is the ability to customise it to your exact requirements. Whether you’re in need of bespoke stage designs or require specific accessories such as wheelchair lifts, access ramps, and crowd barriers, there are plenty of options to choose from – all with the end goal of making your event run smoothly.

Our range of portable stage systems can transform any venue into a professional and engaging space. Before your next event takes place, it may be worth considering the versatility and benefits of our modular stage solutions.