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All Eyes on Debut

We developed the Debut staging system when we realised that most staging systems aren’t designed for the needs of primary schools, churches, or for the kind of venues usually used by am-dram groups, local music, and the like.
This ultra-lightweight system can be supplied in a range of colours to suit the venue where it’ll be used, and can be packed easily and compactly away for storage if need be – very useful for multi-use venues like school and village halls, among others.

Our ‘Safe Grip’ textured top design is in place, reducing any chance of slips and falls on or from the Debut stage itself, and the reduced steps allow easy access for children to the stage.

Like all of our staging, the modular design of Debut allows purchasers to easily fit to the space they want to fill, and if you request it we’ll happily work with you to custom pieces if your venue requires them.

You can order Debut as a single- or multi-level stage, and we also supply choral and drum risers for musical purposes. The philosophy behind Debut is to provide even amateur organisations with the same level of support as their professional colleagues, after all.

Our pool of accessories for Debut really make the system much more than just a stage, and many can be customised to suit the buyer.

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