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Audience Seating

Events these days are at a lot of different venues, so audience seating, especially portable auditorium seating is a must. Read on to find out if you need portable audience seating and what will work for you.

Reconfigure audience seating with ease

Events can be held in any space, and indeed are these days. In the past, you generally went to see events in dedicated theatres and auditoriums with fixed seating. Now, event holders see the value of holding events in unusual locations, so you need to have the equipment to be able to set up quickly. Seating should be portable and blend in with different events and different venues. You must be able to put it out and away quickly, especially if you have an events company and need to get to another event.

What audience seating is best for your event and venue?

Our chairs come in a variety of styles. Choose from many different audience seating chairs, including loose linked, standing and folding. Seating and seating platforms can be adjusted and personalised depending upon your event. We can personalise the colour, size and configuration of our audience seating systems. Mainstage has over 25 years’ experience providing portable seating and other types of seating and staging for events. Our experienced team can help if you get in touch.

Get in touch

Main Stage is an experienced technical events company who provide equipment such as seating, staging and standing. No matter what size the event or where you choose to host it, we can provide equipment to keep your audience comfortable. Portable auditorium seating is our speciality, and we pride ourselves on easy to transport and easy to erect equipment that can be packed away quickly. If you are hosting a concert or a fashion show, then audience seating systems are necessary. You need to be able to position people in the correct places so they can see the event, and they need to be comfortable enough to stay seated. That’s why, when you order seating from us, you can get guaranteed quality. Get in touch now to find out more.