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Audise Audiences on the Mainstage

Over the years, we ve had many customers contact us to use our stages in multi-level mode as a tiered base for an audience, often with rows of portable seating making use of our Venue folding chairs or seats already owned by the customer.

However, the Venue brand is designed for certain specific purposes, and especially if you re looking to set up a permanent or long-term audience section (for an auditorium or a lecture theatre) we d like to recommend a purpose-built solution.

Introducing Audise by Frem Group

Our friends at Audise by Frem Group have brought the same level of commitment to their range of permanent seating that we do to our portable stages; everything begins with the audience, and their needs. Design develops from there.

In combination with our range of tiered seating systems, Audise by Frem Group s range of chairs provide a place of comfort for your guests which has to be seen to be believed.

This solution can provide your venue with something very special and as lovers of the theatre ourselves, we can assure you that your audience will remember how comfortable they re made, and it can really influence who makes a return visit for the next event.

You can find out more about Audise by Frem Group s specialist seating solutions by visiting them at: